A great way to make a mark in the community. Help us meet our goal of 500 boxes this year.

What is BC Boxes of Love?

BC Boxes of love started as a project that filled boxes with useful items for the poor around us. Now it's so much more.  It’s about boxes, feeding kids that are hungry, sharing the truth and salvation about Jesus to kids and families, and welcoming people home to CLA.  It's us being the Church outside the walls.


210 boxes; 50 Volunteers
Took kids on a summer field trip

210 boxes; 60 Volunteers
"Party at Park Terrace" apartment complex

531 boxes; 70 Volunteers
"Party at Park Terrace" apartment complex

600 boxes; 100 Volunteers
First year for "Party in the Park" at Douglas Park

700 boxes; 120 Volunteers
"Party in the Park" at Douglas Park

660 boxes; 165 Volunteers
First time we had people receive Jesus at the "Party in the Park"
150 boxes went to First Nations.
40 boxes went to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT with one of our Arctic short term mission teams.

History and Highlights

·     7th year of BC BOL [2010-2016]
·     $73,000 raised for this project
·     2911 BOL given to children in BC
·     6 Community Events
·     530 Volunteers have served
·     100’s of Gideon's Bibles given all 150 First Nations box received a Bible.
·     1000’s of people each year have come to our Party in the Park since 2013.
·     This year we are providing the schools with a Hot Dog lunch for their Sports Day.  This is a great opportunity to be even more involved in their school community.
·     Last year a Principal one of our elementary schools we distribute at, asked if we would do a presentation on Love, Kindness and Giving Back before we distributed the BC BOL. This opened the door for us to do the same presentation to other distribution school as well. This year we again have that same invitation to teach these Biblical principles at the distribution schools..
·     There is an increased openness for other local churches to serve in the schools.

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