5 Reasons Tuesdays Are The #BestNightOfTheWeek


Revolution exists to reach students far from God and teach them to live in response to who Jesus is. A big part of what we do in order to live out that mission is our weekly gatherings. At Revolution, we have coined the phrase “Best Night Of The Week” to represent our anticipation and excitement for our weekly services on Tuesdays for students in grades 6-12. These services are a  big part of what we do, and we think that it’s a very exciting experience to be a part of for both students and volunteers. There are many reasons  why being at “Rev” on a Tuesday night is the best place to be. We’ve boiled it down to 5 main reasons and after you read them we are sure you won’t want to miss out!


We have another saying at Rev, and that’s “We Is Better Than Me!” The community that we are a part of believes that you’re not just among friends, but family when you come out on a Tuesday night. We think that you belong here, it doesn’t matter to us who you know, how you look, or what you believe in. We think that you should be allowed to “come as you are”, but believe that God loves you too much to let you stay there, which leads us to our second reason.

Reason #2: YOU GROW HERE.

At Rev we are committed to being on a journey of living in response to who Jesus is. This is not a graduation process, but a continual posture of our hearts as we grow deeper in our relationship with God, and with one another. As a family, we are committed to growth, and that makes Tuesdays an exciting place to be. We are walking through life together!


We think that we have the BEST leaders and volunteers working together to best serve you and your friends! As a TEAM we are committed to walking life with you, through the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs. We love you so much, and want you to know that through everything that we do! Our team loves and believes in the next generation, and we keep Jesus as our ministry example. We consider it a “get to” kind of privilege, not a “have to” kind of entitlement to get to be a part of this ministry.

Reason #4: FOOD.

How do you make “better” the “best?” Add free food. Wait, add free GOOD food. Our amazing team makes it a priority to make food something to look forward to every week! Not much more explanation needed. Did I mention it's free?

Reason #5: WORSHIP.

We want to rise up as a generation unashamed of lifting up the name of Jesus and letting our friends know of the life, hope, and freedom we have in Him. Living in response to who Jesus is, is not just four songs on a Tuesday, but a posture of our lives. Worship is the act of taking our eyes off of our ourselves and setting them on God. We want to be worshippers.

We'd love to see you on a Tuesday Night at Rev. For more information on our Youth Ministry, check our our page below.