7 things I love about our Youth Leaders


We are in the midst of an incredible season of youth ministry in our church. What we’ve seen happen in Rev over the past few months is unprecedented and this has a lot to do with the strength of our leaders. They are an amazing group of people whom I love deeply and I want to share with you some specific things that I love about them.

1. They love Jesus

Our leaders set an amazing example to our students of what it looks like to really know Jesus. Above everything else, they desire to know Jesus personally and to help young people come to know Him in a real and life changing way as well. Everything our team does flows from their love for God.

2. They’re passionate about students

This might seem like it should be obvious in a youth ministry but it’s not always the case. Our leaders are deeply passionate about seeing our students encounter Jesus in a life changing way and this passion is seen in the excellence of their work and the enthusiasm of their prayer.

3. They always bring their best

Our leaders have busy lives. They’re college students, employees, interns, business owners and parents. Each of them could come up with a list of all the reasons why they don’t have the time or energy to go the extra mile but they never do. Week in and week out, they bring their very best to the table for the purpose of serving students.

4. They’re all about the team

Everyone leaves their ego at the door. No one is out to try make a name for themselves. They celebrate and serve one another well. Any victory we experience is credited to the team over any individual. A win for the team is a win for everyone.

5. They’re full of faith

It doesn’t matter how good or bad things may seem, our team believes that the best is yet to come. They believe that God has more in store for this generation.

6. They’re fun

We don’t believe that serving God should ever feel boring. We have the great privilege of partnering with God in all that He is doing in our world. Our team is excited about this reality and that produces extremely fun environments to serve in.

7. They’re unified

No one has some secret agenda or is out for their own interest. The team works together towards our common goals; to serve and love students and to lead them into relationship with Jesus.

The team we have is amazing but there is always room for it to grow.

If you feel like you might be gifted and called to serve students alongside us, please get in touch with the youth staff and we would love to explore that option with you.