Weekly Word From the Pastor

Last Sunday I couldn’t get from one end of the church to the other without someone stopping me with a testimony or story about what God was doing in their lives and in our church. So many good things are happening, I thought I would write some of it down. This is a praise report. God’s Spirit is moving among us. I’m so grateful.

  • Three weekends of Holy Spirit gatherings (Transformation Weekend Kelowna, Alpha Holy Spirit and Transformation Weekend Maple Ridge) have seen people set free, hearing God in a clear way and people experiencing a profound sense of His Presence. Stories of confession of sin, healing of damaged emotions, baptisms in the Holy Spirit and God’s call clarified have punctuated these events. Over a hundred have attended the past weekends.
  • Pastor Jenni Colwell came to me deeply moved two Sunday’s ago after experiencing God moving among our children. She was teaching on the baptism of the Spirit. Many children did not make it to their class. Ministry of the Spirit carried on even after parents came to pick up their kids. People are praying for “their 7” and God is moving.
  • Pastor Mike took his Spirit Filled Life class out of the church and into the mall for a field trip on Wednesday night. People were nervous but excited to see what the Spirit would do as they were open to God’s spontaneous leading. Many took risks, engaged people, prayed for people, witnessed God’s reality.
  • Pastor Debbie reports that Friday night’s gathering of women was fantastic. Last Sunday a number of ladies shared stories with me about what is happening in their lives and how they are grateful for our women’s ministry.
  • I was in Missouri last week training to be an Assemblies of God Church Revitalization coach. The material is so instrumental to our future. It was very affirming of where the Spirit has led us and where we need to go. As never before our world needs God’s transformation.
  • Pastor Jason Eliason repeatedly thanked me for CLA’s deep and sacrificial commitment to helping launch Citizen’s Church. Every new contact and new salvation is part of our inheritance.
  • Last Sunday we expected 12 people in the new round of Discovery and we had over 30! Crazy good. It’s multiethnic, multigenerational, with lots of people new to CLA.
  • During February’s Missions Month, we brought in more money, more pledges and signed up more new people for STM than last year.
  • Easter Blast will reach 1,200 kids and over 2,000 people. Last Sunday we launched a recruitment drive as we need 200 volunteers. In ONE DAY we got half our volunteers, over 100.
  • Thursday night Young Adults continues to grow as they have moved into the auditorium. Recently, they had over 400 in attendance. The spiritual hunger and depth is encouraging.
  • Maple Ridge has been running above 300 on Sunday mornings for the first time in years. Pastor Mark and Pastor Jordan were telling me about the water baptisms last week and the growing youth and young adult ministry there.

    – Derrick Hamre Lead Pastor 

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