How crazy is it that Rev Camp 2017, Here and Now, was just over a month ago! Rev Camp is one of the things we do together as a #RevFamily, and it truly is #TheBestWeekOfTheYear, not just for you students but also for your leaders- to get to come and hang out with you for a week and pour into you and watch you grow. While every year is special to us, this year felt even more so with the fact that this was Jason and Kelsey's last year coming to camp, we're so grateful for their leadership and the ways that they have spent pouring into this ministry, and the prayers they have prayed for you! Every year at Camp we get to experience wins, but this year of camp we celebrated together more than we have in the past; there were over 365+ campers, 50+ baptisms, people getting set free from things in their lives that were holding them captive, more people being filled with the Holy Spirit than we've seen in a long time and so many people receiving healing- from sprained ankles to food allergies- and we know that is because we serve an all powerful, amazing God.

Camp is not a small feat to run, and we couldn't be more blessed by our Rev Staff; Cara, Peter, and Jaden, who organized every detail of camp so that you could have the best experience possible. One of the really great things that the team organized was a Rev Camp Leaders Meeting; where your leaders gathered together to learn, pray over you, and be encouraged and get excited for camp. We prayed that God would show up- and we know that pouring in with faith before we even headed to camp set up the atmosphere for God to move in some of the incredible ways he did. If you have been coming to Camp for a while, you will be used to how evening Chapels run- day one is kind of funny, an intro to the Guest Speaker, day two is a little deeper, and by Wednesday we hit Holy Spirit Night... BUT this year at Camp was different. Chapel on Night 1 - there was an invitation for you guys to rededicate your lives or accept Christ into your heart for the first time, and that was just the beginning of the week! Every night the ceiling of how deep we thought we could go became the floor- until we hit this point where we realized there was no limit to how deep we could go with God. It was simply, incredible.

We didn't just want to give you our opinion of Camp though, we wanted to hear from you guys, how your time at Rev Camp was this year. While we weren't able to chat with everyone about your Camp experience we did chat with a few of you to hear your story. Here's a few stories we gathered below:

"Coming into Rev Camp I was filled with expectations and excitement that Rev Camp Here and Now would be the best Rev Camp I have ever been to. Totally living up to the hype, Rev Camp Here and Now was the best Camp I have been to. Starting off with the first night during prayer ministry, God touched my heart that night when I reached out to the peers around me, telling them about the addictive sin in my life and them praying for me. Ever since that moment I have been set free from sin and I can feel God's love for me so much more! Throughout the week every day I felt a confirming on God's calling on my life to go into ministry. Every time I would ask for prayer, no matter the person who prayed for me was, they prayed over my anointing even though I didn't ask them to, which was so encouraging and confirming.

I thought I knew most of the people at Camp and all their stories, but all that changed when students had the opportunity to share their testimonies. My heart totally broke for all of these students because I had no clue there was that much hurt and pain in the lives around me. I realized that though God is so amazing, because all the people who shared their testimonies were healed by God and were living for him with everything after that. 

The biggest highlight of my week though has got to be getting baptized! Ever since becoming baptized I feel different, I feel like I can just love the people around me so much more because I know God is with me and that I have nothing to fear, because I feel like I am more intuned with the presence of the Holy Spirit more and more every single day!"

- Tyerel Jones

"This year at Camp was by far the best week of my summer with so many memories made with my friends. I was really encouraged by the unity of everyone who prayed together and supported each other in whatever they were going through. It was really cool to see. For myself, having peers pray over me as I felt God had placed a call to ministry on my life was so good as it helped me to remember that He has a plan for my life, and I am so loved by Him. I'm encouraged to go deeper and seek Him for where He wants me to go."

- Alex Skidmore

There are so many other stories we could share, and we know that each of you has a story from something that happened at Camp this week- whether it be from Teen Camp or Pre Teen Camp; like, Eli Moody getting knocked over in the tube game and being taken to the hospital because they were worried about his concussion- and the response of the pre teens at camp was to gather and pray for Eli- and he turned out to be okay! At both Teen and Pre Teen Camps there was a day to share testimonies- it was incredible as your leaders, to hear the journey you are all on and where God has taken you from, and where you are excited God is going to take you next. 

The fun part about Camp as Peter has been saying, is that we all get to come home together- what happens at Camp doesn't have to stay there- and that makes us as a Rev Team as a Rev Family so very excited! When we had our Fall Launch we couldn't have been more excited to see all of you!! We had to push the curtains back, because so many of you came to the Fall Launch and it hasn't stopped since! Let's keep pressing into what God has for each of you this year, make a commitment to coming to Rev on Tuesdays, not only to be in community, but to learn, grow and be covered in prayer. We LOVE each of you. If you ever need prayer or to grab a coffee, let us know- you can text your leader, submit prayer requests on the app, or talk to us on a Tuesday- we are here for you.

See you on Tuesday!

*Stay tuned for Rev Camp 2017 Photo's! They will be up on Facebook shortly.