Values, everyone has them whether they are aware of them or not, but what are they? Values as defined by the dictionary would be; 'the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.' Great, we guess that was helpful, except what does it actually mean for us? What does it mean to have 'values' in our world today? To regard something with importance... like say a cheese burger from McDonalds, would that be holding something as a value? Dollar drink days? Snowboarding? The newest iPhone? Maybe the ability to take the best selfie? Naw, that seems silly...maybe it's friends - friends are important... they should be valued, but there has to be more to it then that. Right? What should our values be based on?

Some of those examples seem pretty silly, but in our world it can be hard to know what to value, what to give importance in our lives. One of the things that should be our top priority and value is God, loving Him - being in relationship with Him and being in community with other people who love God and want to grow in their faith and relationship. This is why we believe in #RevFamily so much and why we've spent the last three weeks telling you guys about what we as a Youth Ministry Value [and we still have two more weeks] through our #HouseRules Series at Rev. We want you to know where we stand, and invite you to join us in upholding these values as we continue to grow together as family.

#RevFamily. It looks like a great hashtag, sounds great even is a great conversation opener, but why do we use this phrase? What does it mean? In the first week of our House Rules Series we talked about our first Value: Community is our Privilege. Part of being in a community means that we do life together, we walk alongside each other - in the good, the bad, the wins and the defeats, supporting each other and loving on each other, just like a family would. We believe that God wanted us to walk out life together, that we truly are better together than when we are alone. Rev isn't just a Youth Ministry where you can come and leave without being noticed - we want everyone to feel known and loved, encouraged and supported; but it starts with each of us. We have to realize that it's not all on the leaders or Rev Staff to make everyone feel known and loved - it starts with you. You have to make a choice to help create this environment of family, or community, it's a privilege, not a given.

It's hard to reach out to others sometimes, maybe you had a bad day, or you're a shier type of person so it feels like a stretch to talk to that new student sitting beside you at Rev - or maybe you're hoping some leader will come and notice that the person next to you is new so they will talk to them... Guess what - we believe that Growth is our Pursuit, and that you can grow to learn how to talk to new people, to people you don't know - to help create the community that we have a privilege of being a part of. Not only do we believe that you can grow as a person to be more interactive with those around you, but we believe you can grow in your Faith. It's one of the reasons we thoughtfully put together messages, and hub questions, we want to see you growing in your faith.

Growing and being in community doesn't have to be boring though - which is why Fun is our Spirit! Fun has always been a core value of why we do what we do! It's why we have snacks, play games, hype, and mingle after Rev in the cafe together, why we put together the craziest contests like Last Camper Standing and organize things like Rev Conference and Rev Camp. There is so much to be said for being able to laugh, smile and enjoy being in one another's company. Someone once coined the phrase laughter is good medicine, it might be a foolish saying but there is some truth in knowing that laugher is good, that having fun is good - especially when we have fun together.

There are still a few weeks left of our House Rules Series, and we can't wait to share the last two values with you, but maybe spend some time this week and just sit and ponder what is it that you value - maybe it isn't something as silly as a MacDonald's cheese burger but, it's good to know what things you hold in importance in your life; be it friends, sports etc. If you're sitting there thinking 'oh no, _________ is what I value, and it should be God,' that's okay- talk to Jesus about it, talk to your leader, and start to shift how much importance you hold on that thing(s). Our values are something that carry us through our lives - they define the type of person we become and how we treat others, and directly affect our relationship with God - that's why we're taking some time to tell you what we as a Revolution Movement value, and why these things are important for you to think about.

Remember if you have prayer requests, questions or need to talk to a leader, we are always available! You can text your leaders, send us a DM on any of our social media accounts or submit prayer requests through the Revolution App. We are here for you - because we value you guys, and truly care about walking through life with you. 

- Rev Team