Taking Steps


We are so glad that you've been trekking with us for Alpha! Now you might be a believer, you might not - you might have questions that are getting answered on Tuesday nights and then there are some that we have yet to cover but we are glad that you are coming anyways to learn, grow, and seek out truth. In this world it can be so confusing as to what is right, what is wrong and to know what is true and what is not - that we can feel so overwhelmed and confused if we don't have an anchor, something to hold onto that will never change, because let's be honest everything in our world is constantly changing and so are people's opinions on what is true.

As a believers we have this anchor, we have the Bible - which we believe is 100% true. The Bible is like a road map for us - it tells us what is wrong, what is right and gives us direction on how to live, on how to love and how to have a relationship with God. If you're reading this and you don't either agree or understand - that's okay. We don't want to force anyone to believe the way we believe - we just want to tell you about it and hopefully answer some of your questions as the Alpha series unfolds - and we do believe that God will speak to you, and answer your questions either through his audible voice or the voice of your table leader or the Alpha video. Alpha is a safe place for you to come - there is no judgement, there is no 'dumb' question, we simply want to create a safe space for you to come and sort through some of life's toughest questions.
If you have been coming to Alpha over the last few weeks, we want to celebrate this with you - because just coming to Alpha is taking a step, and it's often a hard step for people to take - being in community even if it's just with a table of people (who could be strangers) takes a lot of courage and the willingness to be vulnerable - to ask the questions that are in your heart and on your mind; however coming to Alpha is just step one! You can sit in step one, and soak in the Alpha series but if you want to learn more, you might have to take other smaller steps - this might mean staying late to talk to your table host, or asking for a Bible to read it for yourself to see what the video and your hosts are saying is true, or it might mean coming to church on a Sunday or asking Jesus to be your personal Saviour. Whatever your next step is - we want to support you in that step. Here at Rev on Tuesday Nights we truly believe that we are FAMILY. What does that mean? It means we are here for one another and for you - that you belong before you look, believe or behave like us - and that means if you need prayer, a Bible, to talk to a leader etc. We are here for you, all you need to do is ask.