Why I Love Working at CLA


I’ve been working at CLA for 12 years and I love my job. Friends and family members often ask why I’m still working here and that’s because working at a church, or any non-profit for that matter, does not offer the same prestige, compensation potential and promotion opportunity that many for profit businesses do. So why do I work at CLA?

There are many reasons why I love working at CLA, and there are two parts to this answer:

CLA: The Church

Spiritual Transformation

There is nothing better than using your skills to help build the kingdom of God. Knowing that I’m playing a VERY small part in the spiritual transformation happening in lives locally and globally brings deep fulfillment. Eternity is impacted by the work we do, whether as a volunteer or an employee.

Shared Purpose

Contributing members of our incredible volunteer team and our paid employees all get a taste of the joy that comes when a group of diverse yet link-minded people comes together with a shared purpose. We are not just co-labourers but to quote Pastor Derrick, “we are a family on a mission!”


My prayer has always been that I would know what God’s calling is for me and that I would respond to that calling. Being in the centre of His will is the BEST place to be! His will for my life may not be that I retire at 65 from CLA (that is 33 years from now) but rather that I eventually find employment elsewhere. However, as long as this is His assignment for me there is no place I would rather be!

CLA: The Workplace

I may be a bit biased since I oversee Human Resources and I report directly to Pastor Derrick, but I think CLA is a GREAT workplace!

At CLA I have experienced:


I have been entrusted with responsibilities and trusted to carry them out to the best of my ability without a micro manager watching over my shoulder 24/7. I have not only been given certain responsibilities but then also the tools and authority needed along with the support and accountability to keep me on track.


CLA has provided me opportunity to grow personally and professionally. CLA has been a place where I have been able to build my spirituality, relationships, and deepen my emotional health. CLA has partnered with me and supported a number of educational and learning endeavours. With this also came opportunity for new work assignments and an expanding portfolio of responsibilities.


I have experienced care in many forms while working at CLA. Whether it was financial support in times of need, prayer, encouragement or people just being there when I’m going through a dark valley. Care is felt even with leaders who understand the importance of health and family as they have provided generous amounts of paid time off and flexible work hours to ensure my kids continue to love the fact that dad works at a church. Sometimes showing care doesn’t require flattery but rather honesty and respectful candor. I’m thankful for the increasing open communication that happens at CLA the workplace.

These are just some of the many reasons I love working at CLA!