There's always a next step for you to take in your journey of faith.


Jesus Christ is the most famous and influential person in History, the Son of God who walked among the people, born from humble beginnings He came to save humanity. We are followers of Jesus’ teaching, of his lifestyle and passionately join in the mission He has set forth to tell everyone of the Hope and New Life that is found in Jesus.

New Life

The word Gospel means Good News. The message of Jesus is exactly that. It is great news for every person on earth. The good news is this: no matter what mistakes you have and made, no matter what is in your past--you can have new life in Jesus.


There are many ways to find a community at our church. We have many Ministries, Life Groups and Connecting Points for you to join. To find out about our Welcome to Church Party or Discovery Class, which are two of the best ways to get connected and find out more about our various Ministries and Groups, check out the page below!


Baptism is a visible representation of a person’s identification with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus (Rom. 6:3-5).

We encourage celebrate believer’s baptism by immersion, which is the immersion of a person in water who has chosen to follow Jesus. When that person goes under the water, it symbolizes the passing away of old life, and when they are raised out of water, it symbolizes the new life found through faith in Jesus


Serving is one of the best ways to get involved and get connected to the life of our church. Volunteer teams are a place where you'll serve alongside friends, working together in ministry to make what we do at church work.


We live in the reality that Jesus laid his life down for us on the cross for us, and in response we offer to Him our time, our creativity and our resources.

The stewardship of our finances is an important—and often overlooked—area of our lives where we can faithfully proclaim the gospel. Giving strengthens our devotion to Christ and frees us to live open-handedly with the gifts God gives us. We trust in Him and His provision instead of our perceived self-sufficiency. As people of faith, we give faithfully and generously.

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