CLA Feasts
Let's Eat. Together.

Connecting People. Strengthening Community. Imagining Impact.

Have you ever considered that in a church our size there are likely others from CLA that you haven’t met yet that live within a few minutes of your home – maybe even in your neighbourhood or on your street! Wouldn’t it be great to feel better connected? Just by getting together for one pot-luck meal all kinds of possibilities open up for friendship, feeling closer, or even discovering potential in common local mission fields. Who knows what going to the CLA Feast near you could lead to? Let’s find out!

We’re at work setting up local pot-lucks within minutes of every household in CLA of the course of this next year. There will be one close to you!

Want to make sure you're on a guest list?

Check MyCLA to make sure your address and contact info is current or just email us.

Interested in hosting a CLA Feast?

We want to help make this easy! Our team is ready to help you. We have guest lists, printed invitations, some supplies and a handy checklist to help a CLA Feast hosted by you at your home be a smashing success.

You can start a conversation with us to explore hosting one of these pot-lucks at

Watch Pastor Mike’s short message introducing CLA Feasts called “Eating Together”


1. Is this a potluck?

Yes! If you are hosting, you won’t have the burden of feeding everyone. If you are attending, please bring food!

2. What should I bring? 

Yourself, your family and a dish of food to share

3. What kind of food do I bring and how much?

If you need some ideas of what to bring click here.
Some easier ideas may be a bagged kale salad, Rotisserie chicken or a dish that you have perfected and is easy for you to make.

4. How do I get invited?

There might be one of two reasons that you may have not been invited to a feast yet:

 ·  Your contact information is not current, if you would like to make sure you information is up to date send us an email with your current address.
 ·  Once a host has been identified in your area, invitations will be sent out.Hold tight, a feast is coming to your area in the next year.

5. Can I host a CLA Feast?

Yes! If you are interested let us know by clicking here! We would love to get the dialog going with you.

6. What would be my role as a host?

We want to make hosting as easy and fun as possible. Our team will help supply invitations and practical steps to help make your feast a great success. Click here to find out more about hosting.

7. Who do I invite?

We will supply you with a list of names, addresses and e-mails of the CLA neighbours that live closest to you.

8. Should I invite my neighbours?

This first round of CLA Feasts is all about getting CLA connected to each other in their areas. Our hope, down the road, is together as a church host feasts that reach our neighbours. All that to say, if you really want to bring a neighbour you can but we will be bringing more focus to that in future events.

9. How often do CLA Feasts happen?

Over the next year, we are endeavouring to put a CLA feast within minutes of every home in our church. This means that there will be 1-2 feasts a week during this time period. This is a one-time project for our church to help grow community, connection and help us learn how to feast well together.