CLA Feasts
Let's Eat. Together.

Connecting People. Strengthening Community. Imagining Impact.

Have you ever considered that in a church our size there are likely others from CLA that you haven’t met yet that live within a few minutes of your home – maybe even in your neighbourhood or on your street! Wouldn’t it be great to feel better connected? Just by getting together for one pot-luck meal all kinds of possibilities open up for friendship, feeling closer, or even discovering potential in common local mission fields. Who knows what going to the CLA Feast near you could lead to? Let’s find out!

We’re at work setting up local pot-lucks within minutes of every household in CLA of the course of this next year. There will be one close to you!

Want to make sure you're on a guest list?

Check MyCLA to make sure your address and contact info is current or just email us.

Interested in hosting a CLA Feast?

We want to help make this easy! Our team is ready to help you. We have guest lists, printed invitations, some supplies and a handy checklist to help a CLA Feast hosted by you at your home be a smashing success.

You can start a conversation with us to explore hosting one of these pot-lucks at

Watch Pastor Mike’s short message introducing CLA Feasts called “Eating Together”