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Revolution Interns

Revolution Interns is a 1- 2 year discipleship program that focuses on building the foundational aspects of our faith. It offers valuable instruction in the Word of God, a daily opportunity to focus on seeking God in prayer and the chance to gain experience and invest in the kingdom in various ministries of the local and global church.

The Vision

At the heart of our youth and young adults ministry, Revolution, rests the passion to see young people discover the purpose and hope that is found in Christ. We are committed to connecting this generation with the fun, love and truth of God, with confidence that their lives will be radically transformed by living in relationship with Jesus Christ. We want you to be a part of this, and believe that in you lays the potential for great impact on the world around you.

Revolution Interns is all about strengthening your foundation in Christ. We want to help you grow in your love and commitment for God, His Word, His church and the people of our cities. Along with biblical training and opportunities that will give you experience in being a leader to this generation, Revolution Interns will also be a place where you will be challenged, encouraged and poured into as you seek out and step into the call that God has for you in any arena of society.

We are praying for you as you consider this commitment and are happy to help with any further questions you might have. Let’s change our generation together.


We would love to hear from you! Our interns coordinator Emily Zavaleta will be happy to answer any questions. Also if you’re mailing in an application you can find our address below.

Phone: (604) 530-7344 ext. 1248
Email: interns@therevolutionmovement.com
Mail: Revolution Interns 21277 56th Ave Langley, BC V2Y 1M3