Global Worker


Danny & Ranette Foster - CanIL

Danny Foster has been with Wycliffe Bible Translators since 2004. He and his wife, Ranette, worked in Tanzania implementing Bible translation projects for 19 indigenous language communities and in 2010 Danny became the Director of Training and Development for Wycliffe in Uganda and Tanzania. Danny is also involved with local governments and the international development community as an advocate for minority language groups. In 2012 he began doctoral research investigating the benefits of minority languages for educational development. Danny assumed the presidency of the Canada Institute of Linguistics in March 2013; Wycliffe is Canada's main training arm and the linguistics department of the Associated Canadian Theological Schools and Trinity Western University. Learn more at

Darcy McAlister – PAOC

Darcy and Leanne McAlister give leadership as Personnel & Family Life Director of PAOC International Missions. They mobilize, recruit, train, coach, and care for new global workers as well as debrief the workers when they come home. Darcy and Leanne also help facilitate Life Campaign, providing water wells globally. Learn more at

Brent Cantelon - PAOC

Brent serves PAOC International Missions and our international partnerships which includes itinerant evangelism in strategic locations overseas and speaking at Pastors, leadership and prayer conferences.  He also encourages local Canadian churches to increase their engagement in missions through preaching and consulting with pastors and missions committees. Learn more at

Harvey Trauter - CityAxis

Harvey works with leaders in the marketplace who seek to lead in a non-profit organization. City Axis comes alongside these leaders to mentor and coach them in effectively leading with passion, authenticity, and perspective. Learn more at

Rob & Fran Parker - Ottawa

Rob and Fran are the founders and Directors of NHOP. They heard the call to create an “Embassy of Prayer” in the nation’s capital on Canada Day – July 1st, 2000 after Rob had made a 73 day Prayer Walk from Calgary to Ottawa. After several years of sharing the vision with other leaders across the nation they moved to the capital in 2004 to begin establishing a ministry that would mobilize prayer for government. CLA has sent several teams to the nation’s capital where participants have experienced educational and spiritual opportunities of praying for the nation on and around Parliament Hill. Learn more at

Murray Cornelius - PAOC

Murray was elected to serve as the Assistant Superintendent for International Missions of the PAOC in 2006. Murray, Cindy and family returned to Canada from ministering in Africa for 19 years. His past experience as the Regional Director of Southern Africa, his intimate knowledge of missionary life and passion for lost people wherever they are, greatly enriches the service that the International Missions Department offers to its missionaries. In addition, Murray's strong leadership and pastoral heart assists the International Missions Department to work in partnerships with churches across Canada. The mandate of International Missions is: reaching lost people everywhere, planting visible communities of Jesus followers, equipping servant leaders of integrity and passion, and caring for people in crisis. If we can change a person, we can change their family. If we change a family, we can change a community. If we change a community we can change a nation. Pray for Murray and Cindy as they lead our Global workers around the world to bring the transformation that comes when Jesus is made known.

Jamie Rauch - Light in Film

Jamie, Mission Canada worker to the film industry in Vancouver, was appointed to this role by the PAOC. Jamie’s call and mandate is to reach the unreached in the film industry in Canada, an environment of 250,000+ full-time and part-time workers, starting with his home city of Vancouver. As well, he is intentionally coming alongside believers in the industry who don’t feel they have a place or outlet to express their love for film and Christ.

Paul & Roslynn Ballard - Athletes in Action

Paul gives leadership to AIA Soccer, Canada and in August 2016 moved to Lennoxville, Quebec.  Paul and Roslynn look to advancing the ministry there through the coaching of the Bishop’s University Women’s Soccer team.  Quebec has been classified as the least reached people group in North America.  Learn more at

John Engels – BC Campus Ministries (PAOC)

One of the most difficult things about life at university is that the campus can seem like a big institutional and overwhelming place. John and his team encourage students to belong to a Christian community, serve their campus in practical ways, care for their peers, and provide leadership opportunities. Learn more at

South Fraser Pregnancy Options Centre

The Pregnancy Options Centre has been serving the communities of Surrey, Langley and Delta since 1985. They offer a compassionate listening ear and information to women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy or who have had an abortion. They also assist families with adoption and parenting. Learn more at

Langley Food Bank

The Langley Food Bank is an incorporated society, registered with Revenue Canada as a non-profit organization, and is entirely funded through the support of local churches, organizations, and individuals. 

God’s heart towards the poor is not one of harshness or judgment, but rather one of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and help. The Langley Food Bank is a very effective voice in preaching the gospel to the poor through the good works of its volunteers because actions speak louder than words. Actions will often create the ‘pathway’ for the words to be heard. God’s call to the church is to identify with the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable, and to invest our time, energy and money in serving them. Learn more at

M2W2 – Prison Ministry 

M2/W2 Association is a non-profit serving men and women in BC prisons.  The vision is to reflect God’s restorative and inclusive love within the criminal justice system and wider society with the Prison Mentorship program at the heart of the ministry. M2W2 facilitates one-on-one, Man-to-Man (M2) and Woman-to-Woman (W2) relationships between Christian volunteers and inmates in British Columbia. These relationships provide mentorship, friendship, and personal accountability to the inmate. Learn more at

Wagner Hills Farm

Wagner Hills is a residential treatment centre offering a Christian faith based program to help people fight their addiction and so have better lives. The program speaks the words of Jesus and builds discipline in the recovering addicts. Many have experienced healing through this Christian community. Learn more at

Jason Ballard – Alpha Canada

Alpha started 20 years ago in London, England at a church called Holy Trinity Brompton. It’s a series of interactive session over 8-12 weeks.  Each session starts around a meal and has a talk about Christianity and a time to discuss it in groups. It’s a safe place for seekers, skeptics and those with questions to engage in conversations about faith, life and God. Now more than 27 million people have experienced alpha all over the world.  In Canada over 650,000 people have done that alpha course in local churches in every province. In 2013 Alpha Canada launched a new resource called the Alpha Youth Film Series.  So far more than 500,000 teens have done the Alpha Youth Film Series in 40 countries. The series was built here in Canada.  We are partnering with Jason and the Alpha Canada team to fuel the growth of outreach to youth all over the world. Learn more at 

Gideons International in Canada

The vision of the Gideons is to reach our communities for Christ and to enable God's Word to be distributed and at work in every country of the world, so that every person has ready access to God’s Word and that they may come to know Jesus Christ as personal Saviour and Lord.  This ministry shares God’s Word and communicates the gospel message to people of all ages by reaching out in everyday life, through public events, personal evangelism and Scripture distribution. 

CLA’s church partnership with Gideons International in Canada helps equip churches around the world with Bibles enabling pastors to mentor other leaders and evangelists.  Together we are committed to sharing God’s Word with the world. Learn more at

Metro Kids Society

This Inner City Mission in Surrey BC (affiliated with the PAOC) works with 400-700 children, pre-teens and youth. Programs are provided for low income and at-risk children with each child receiving a weekly, personal home visit. Metro Kids Society believes that children do not need to be limited in what they can achieve because of the environment they are currently living in. With Metro Kids they have the opportunity to expect more. As a free service for each family, the children are bussed from their home to an activity or to the program centre where every age group receives specific ministry. Learn more at

Adult & Teen Challenge Society of BC

Teen Challenge BC is a faith-based restoration program for men and women, ages 19 and older, who are trapped in addiction. Teen Challenge endeavours to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive. To achieve this many different elements are incorporated into their program, including educational training, spiritual guidance, and practical work experience. Learn more at