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Central and South America


The James Project of Latin America was founded in 2001. This is a non-profit Guatemalan association which currently covers the ministries of Shadow of His Wings Orphanage and Liberty Christian School in Monjas, Jalapa, Guatemala. The children come for a variety of background – including physical and sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, human trafficking, and/or the loss of both parents. Their goal is to raise the children in a way that they can find peace and experience the healing love of Jesus Christ. The government approved school on site offers elementary, middle, and high school grades.

CLA has been in relationship with SOHWO since 2009 and provides annual missions trip teams offering assistance with construction projects, hands-on workshops, VBS and other small helps. Learn more at


CLA is committed to the Wycliffe project of translating scripture to the Eastern Apurimac Quechua people. Historically there are two teams that we sent to Abancay: exploratory team in 2014 and interns team in 2015 where they taught English at AIDIA center in Abancay. Consequently, CLA was asked to come and teach English to the AIDIA personnel and to other individuals so a third team was sent in the summer of 2015. We continue to be committed to this specific project. 


In 2015 CLA conducted a trip to Cuba to explore the possibility of helping set up a recovery centre.  This need was brought to our attention by a PAOC Global Worker in Cuba. It was endorsed and supported financially by the PAOC and then the rest of the need was met by several generous CLA donors.  We then saw the purchase of property by the Cuban church officially completed.  Subsequently, another CLA missions team assisted in preparing the building for residents making this the first official Recovery Centre in Cuba to be run by the church in Cuba.