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Turn in your bibles with me to Acts chapter 12. It’s just fun to say that. Ok, in this moment I’m not preaching, but I am writing to you and I want to draw your attention to one of the great stories of the early church in the book of Acts. I’ll let you read the story for yourself (vs 1-19), but here’s the brief summary: Following the death of James due to mounting persecution, another church leader, Peter, is now imprisoned and his life on the line but is miraculously set free.
The church was no doubt discouraged by the loss of James and now was facing a threat to Peter’s life. Can you imagine how that might feel? I love how they responded:


Notice how it doesn’t say:
But the church… was gripped with fear
... protested and picketed
... complained to one another
... aired grievances on Facebook
... did nothing about it
It says: they earnestly prayed.
And this still remains the call of the church in the face of every challenge or opportunity – we pray together.
I admire the church of Acts 12. Do you think that they had prayed when the life of James was being threatened? Yes. And what happened? He was killed. I’m sure they were devastated, disappointed, and discouraged. You and I know the variety of feelings that can be experienced when prayer appears to go unanswered. Yet, somehow their faith remained anchored in God. This loss did not snuff out the flame of prayer in the early church. The call to pray together was embedded deeply in the life of the church. And this time their prayers were part of God’s intervention, miraculously setting Peter free.
You and I are called into the same kind of resilient, faithful and faith-filled prayer. The Greek word used for ‘church’ in vs 5 is ekklesia, which can be translated “a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into a public assembly”.
I know you can pray by yourself. I know you can pray with your spouse or a few friends. But friends, we are the ekklesia too! We are called to pray together – it is one of the most important things CLA does.
This Sunday evening is our next monthly evening of Prayer & Worship. Join us for just over an hour at 7pm – let’s pray together.

Mike Bidell Associate Pastor 

This Week

CLA will be hosting the Langley Ministerial Good Friday Services at 9am and 11am.
We are looking for people to serve with ushering and greeting. Please email if you are able to help at one of these services.

EASTER BLAST Saturday, March 31 | 10:00am – Noon
CLA Kids will be hosting our annual Easter Blast event! The morning includes family-friendly live presentations and activities for kids of all ages including a balloon room, cotton candy, carnival games, and more. This is always a great opportunity for our church to invite families in our community to hear the gospel in a kid-friendly way and to connect with them in a meaningful way. Invitation cards available at Guest Services and the Treehouse.

EASTER SUNDAY with services at 9 and 11am. Rev 678 will be staying in the services.

TOWN HALL MEETING Wednesday, April 4 | 7-8pm | Conference Hall
The main focus for this Town Hall will be the proposed changes to our Constitution, including welcoming women onto our Board.

WELCOME TO CHURCH PARTY | Sunday April 8 | 12:30 – 1:30pm | Café
A great place to meet people, meet key leaders, and see what life in our church looks like. The lunch is free but to help with numbers please register at or visit Guest Services.

HER NIGHT OUT | Friday, April 6 | 7pm | Conference Hall
All the women are welcome to join us for a time of worship and a special message on soul care from Pastor Doug, followed by refreshments.

DISCOVERY CLASS | Sundays beginning April 8 | 7-8:30pm | Theatre
This informal class led by Pastor Derrick and Sara-Lee looks at CLA's mission, vision and values. Great opportunity to grow in relationship with others. This six week class will also prepare you for membership and involvement at CLA. Register at

FOLLOWING JESUS | Sunday mornings, April 8 – May 13
Faith foundations for those who are new to Christianity will be led by John & Judy McNabb. Great for those new to the faith in the past couple of years. More details to follow.

MEN'S RETREAT | May 4-6 at RockRidge Canyon | for men 15+
Our men’s retreats are great weekends of fun and ministry. The speaker this year is Phil Cann, known for his ability to communicate biblical truth in a practical manner. Register online at

A memorial service was recently held for Paul Munnalall’s father, Innocent Munnalall. Thank you for remembering the family in prayer.
Pastor Derrick and Steve Nicolson will be returning from their Southeast Asia trip this week and will be with us next Sunday for Easter.

Weekly Schedule

Morning Services | 9 & 11am | Auditorium
Rev 678 | 9:30 & 11:30am | East Hall
Recovery Church | 6pm | Auditorium
Monthly All Church Prayer & Worship | 7pm | Conference Hall

Monday Night Men | 7:30pm | East Chapel

Thrive Bible Study | 1pm | West Chapel
Revolution (Youth) | 7pm | Conference Hall

Women's Intercessory Prayer | 9:30am | Prayer Room
Care Ministry Groups | 6:30pm

Community Bible Study | 9:30am | East Chapel
Rapha Prayer | 9:45am | West Chapel
Care Ministry Groups | Starts 7pm
The Gathering (YA) | 7:30am | East Chapel

Good Friday
Langley Churches Good Friday Services | 9am and 11am | Auditorium

Easter Blast | 10am-noon | Main building

Prayer Meetings
For a list of weekly prayer meetings, visit


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