For our Christmas Production this year we are pleased to once again partner with Langley's Theatre in the Country. Scrooge is a well know Christmas classic and this adaptation will be sure to be enjoyed by all. The production will take place December 6-8, 2019.

Audition Information

Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 21th from 9:30AM - 12PM & Monday, September 23th from 6:30PM - 9PM

Auditions will be held in the Theatre at CLA - please use the main office/reception entrance in the CLA Centre.

NEEDED for your Audition:

Fill out the on-line form and let us know the best time period to book you in (you can choose more than one). Once you submit the form, you will be ask in an email to submit a headshot (or picture) and resume (or list of shows).

Please name your Headshot with your full name – not just ‘headshot’

Please send your resume or show list as a PDF with your name and the word resume (ie:  JillActor Resume.pdf)

Lines to say during the audition will be sent out to you once you have requested an audition time.  Please be familiar with the material.(It does not have to be memorized)

Please arrive early in order to fill out an audition form.

List of Characters

Ebenezer Scrooge - The protagonist, Scrooge is a cold, miserly creditor whose redemption to kindness and selflessness forms the arc of A Christmas Carol. Scrooge represents the Victorian rich who neglect the poor and think only of their own well-being. The most motivation Dickens provides for Scrooge's character is his depiction of him as a young boy; neglected by his peers and, it appears, by his father, the young Scrooge seemed determined to live only for himself as he aged.

Bob Cratchit - Cratchit is Scrooge's overworked employee, a timid man afraid to stand up to his boss's demanding ways. The patriarch of a family poor in wealth but rich in love, he cares especially dearly for his crippled son, Tiny Tim. Cratchit is a symbol for the Victorian poor, good-hearted and hard-working but unable to climb out the stifling conditions of poverty.

Spirit of Christmas Past - The first ghost to visit Scrooge, the small, child-like figure represents memory.

Ghost of Christmas Present - A giant clad in robes, this ghost has 1800 brothers and a life span of one day. He represents celebration and charity.

Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come - This solemn, silent phantom represents death, but also the presents the possibility that the future is not determined, but open to the free will of humans.

Fred (Scrooge's nephew) - Fred embodies the jollity and sharing of Christmas. He refuses to let Scrooge's "Bah! Humbug!" attitude bring him down, and is overjoyed when his uncle converts and attends his party.

Tiny Tim - Cratchit's crippled son, Tiny Tim represents the overwhelming goodness of the Christmas spirit.

Fezziwig - The young Scrooge's jolly, selfless boss.

Belle - Scrooge's former girlfriend, she breaks up with him because of his greed.

Fan - Scrooge's younger sister

Peter Cratchit - Bob's oldest son, who inherits his father's stiff-collared shirt for Christmas.

Martha Cratchit - Bob's oldest daughter, who works in a milliner's shop. (A milliner is a person who designs, produces, and sells hats.)

Mrs. Crachit - Bob's long suffering wife who does not like Mr. Scrooge.

City folk, Charity workers, Warehouse employees - We need about 8 people to play various roles with a few lines here and there.

Some characters may also be doubled