Revolution Blog

n. I rev-o-lu-tion I A dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation.

#RevFamily, at CLA we believe that we Gather to Grow, so that when God calls us we can GO! Revolution Movement wants to reiterate this, because we are all part of CLA. Just how do we do this? We do this through our 5 values: Fun is our Spirit, Community is our Privilege, Growth is our Pursuit, Worship is our Response & Mission is our Calling.

There are many ways to keep updated with what is going on at Rev, we have our own [Free] App, we're on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So you might be wondering, why is there a blog if there is so many avenues of social media that Rev is already using - and that's a great question, here's why: While we love the avenues of Social Media we already have, we really wanted to capture people's stories in a new way. So many of you have testimonies and miracles that have happened to you or your friends/family [that we're excited to feature], and to write about whats coming up and to share devotional thoughts - and when we thought about the content, we felt the best way to share that with you was via a blog format. 

Our goal is to post a blog every week, sometimes from a staff or volunteer, but we do want to include you - our #RevFamily in what is happening and give you opportunity to share, so look out for those opportunities! This is our landing page, check back here for a new blog post weekly. [See the links below]

Much Love,

The Revolution Team