School of Ministry
Living in Response to Who Jesus Is

Why We Exist

CLA School of Ministry (formerly CLA Interns) exists to encourage and equip young adults who've encountered Jesus Christ and want to live their lives in response to who He is. We offer valuable instruction in the Word of God, a daily opportunity to focus on seeking God in prayer and the chance to gain experience and invest in the kingdom in various ministries of the local and global church.

Our ultimate pursuit is to help students know the one we were created to know and to actually make much of who He is with our lives. We believe God is raising up young people in our day with deep conviction and yet a humble outlook. We know it’s only because of God’s grace that we have anything to offer and yet because of His grace we do. Our desire is that young people would rise up, and set an example in their love, conduct, speech, faith and purity. Not obsessed with their own morality but determined to honour and glorify the one who’s saved them and has brought them into new life.

It’s all about getting things in the right order. We love because He first loved us. We imitate Him knowing we’re His children. In view of His mercy we give our lives completely. We’re living in response.


The Discipleship Program

Grow in community. Strengthen your faith. Discover purpose. The discipleship program is all about knowing more of what it looks like to build your life on the foundation of Jesus Christ and His word.  

Through studying the Bible, seeking God in prayer, and serving the local and global church, the discipleship program is designed to help you grow as an individual while being supported by a loving community.

If you believe that your life is meant to be lived in light of who Jesus is, the discipleship program will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and live that out practically.

Classes include:

  • Character Development
  • Evangelism
  • Apologetics
  • Basic Doctrine
  • Old and New Testament Survey
  • Living as Christians in a Godless Culture


  • Desire to grow in your faith
  • Graduated high school

(Info Package coming soon)

The Leadership Program

Be stretched. Build the kingdom. Lead people. Through biblical study, intentional mentorship, and hands on opportunity, the Leadership Program is designed to develop you as a young Christian leader.  

You will be applying to work with a specific ministry for the entire year. Ministries include kids ministry, youth ministry, city serve ministry, campus ministry as well as some church planting ventures.  

If you know God is wanting you to grow as a leader in His kingdom, we believe this program will help you pursue what you sense God is calling you to.

Classes include:

  • Gospels
  • Book of Acts
  • Principles of Teaching
  • Gospel-centred Ministry
  • Practical Church Ministry


  • Desire to gain leadership experience
  • Pastoral Recommendation
  • 20+ years old or previously completed Discipleship Program (formerly Interns)

(Leadership Program Info Package coming soon)


Jeremy King
School of Ministry Director

Jason Ballard

Derrick Hamre

Doug Frederick
Associate Pastor, CLA / Pastoral Theology Director, Summit Pacific College

Mike Bidell
Associate Pastor, CLA

Ben Woodman
Alpha Global Youth

Jason Eliason
Assistant Pastor, CLA

Emily Zylla
School of Ministry Program Coordinator

Phil Cann
International Speaker and Member of CLA

Chris Price
Lead Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church

Julia Eckert
MA of Theological Studies, Regent College

Ben King
Student of Linguistics and ESL Teacher


As a church, CLA is committed to local and global missions. Each School of Ministry student will have the opportunity to engage in missions work as a part of their year. Discipleship students will have the opportunity to choose and pray over the missions trip they will participate in. Leadership students will have the opportunity to lead one of our global missions teams.


The School of Ministry gives each student an opportunity to serve the local church and engage practically in different ministry settings. By the end of the year discipleship students will have experienced serving in up to 6 different ministries and Leadership students get to be trained and built up as leaders alongside one specific ministry.

Jeremy King

Jeremy is the School of Ministry director at Christian Life Assembly and has been working with youth and young adults for the past 6 years. He lives in a house with 7 other guys, likes climbing mountains, and loves writing worship songs. Jeremy's greatest passion is to see young people encounter the risen Christ and discover what it means to live their lives in response to who He is.

Emily Zylla

Emily is the Program Coordinator for CLA School of Ministry and has been on staff for 6 years. She is married to Michael Zylla. Emily and her husband have a passion for young people, families and the local church. Their heart is to see young people raised up and discipled to be the next generation of families who are healthy and thriving and passionate for Jesus who build the local church.

Discipleship Program
  • Includes
  • Engaging Bible Classes
  • Program runs from September to May
  • Practical Serving Opportunities
  • Global Missions Opportunity
  • World-Class Faculty
  • + Missions Trip ranges from $1,500 - $2800
Leadership Program
  • Includes
  • Accredited Classes
  • Program runs from September to May
  • Biblical Leadership Training
  • Global Missions Opportunity
  • World-Class Faculty
  • + Missions Trip ranges from $1,500-$2,800

Next Steps

  1. Pray about it.
  2. Fill out and submit an application.
  3. Submit your application fee.
  4. Get interviewed.
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