Locations & Times

The Revolution Movement is our youth and young adult ministry.

Revolution, usually called "Rev", is more than just a service, a worship ministry, a camp, or a conference, it is a generation of young people, ages 13-25, who have been radically transformed by a living relationship with Jesus Christ. We're all about connecting our generation with the fun, love, and truth of the gospel. We meet together in various locations over the lower mainland.

What to Expect

Well, quite a few things actually. First, we think you'll meet some of the nicest people on the planet. Then once you get in to the service you'll experience passionate and fun worship, an amazing time of preaching, and a real sense of the presence of God. We also just like being together so after the service, feel free to hang out and eat with us as long as you like. We think you'll have a great time. Trust us.


Rev is kinda big, and getting bigger all the time. It's an incredible experience being a part of a movement that is spreading throughout the lower mainland. The truth is though that sometimes it can be hard to get to know everyone right away – and that's why we have hubs!

We want you to grow in your relationship with God and with other people, that's what life is all about. Hubs are just the place for that. They're also a great place to bring other friends who want to grow in relationship with God and/or other people. If you want any more information on hubs, come out to one of our services during the week, or send us an email.

Revolution Interns

Revolution Interns is for anyone graduated from high school who loves the church and wants to grow personally. It's a 10 month leadership program designed to disciple young adults to grow in their knowledge and their love for God, His Word, His people, and His house. While taking biblical and theological training, interns are also involved in all aspects of ministry in Christian Life Assembly. If you wanna learn more about Revolution Interns, check out our website.