2 Transformation Weekends in 2 Weekends!

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2 Transformation Weekends in 2 Weekends!


We did something we haven’t done before – two Transformation Weekends (TW) in simultaneous weekends. And, the first of the two was put on by CLA, but for other churches in the Okanagan (also a first for us!). Both weekends were outstanding.
Sometimes people ask us, “well what is a TW anyway?” Great question. Maybe the first helpful way to answer that is to begin by saying what it is not. A Transformation Weekend, while over a Friday evening and Saturday, is not a retreat. From time to time we do offer other retreat events (Women’s, Men’s, Young Adults Weekend, etc.) and they are great. But a TW has a unique purpose. Hopefully it would be obvious that personal transformation is (think “transforming our lives” from our mission statement) at the very heart and purpose of these weekends. Although a typical TW features 9 essential sessions, they all work together in sequence to aim at two vital targets: 1) personal wholeness & freedom, and 2) Holy Spirit empowerment.
February 22 & 23 CLA sent a team of 10 to West Kelowna for the Okanagan TW. This team included 3 tremendous ministry team couples that have grown to become big believers in what God does in people’s lives in TW’s through what they’ve witnessed here. What joy to see 6 quality people being raised up in CLA to help bring transformation elsewhere. This team served and ministered to people so well all weekend long. 61 registrants attended the Okanagan event, some travelling as far as 2 hours to make it. As He loves to do, God met and ministered to each one personally and powerfully. The people and churches that were impacted by this have been so appreciative. The ball has already begun rolling on at least two other future regional TWs – one on the Island and another in Penticton. Maybe you would want to join on a ministry team trip like this one day.
March 1 & 2 saw our first TW at our Maple Ridge Campus. Another great group of 50 open and hungry souls were gathered. A wide variety of ages and backgrounds were represented as well as people from both of our mainland campuses. It was another powerful weekend (and that’s not just hyperbole or exaggeration!).
So, why keep doing TWs? Because people are worth it! Because God is glorified as we do! And we can’t help but continue to dream of people being set free and overflowing with the Spirit – here and wherever else God opens doors. Join us!
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Pastor Mike Bidell

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