A Community of Women

Mornings With HER starts Wednesday, Jan. 22

There is something really special about a community of women that gathers every week for friendship, worship and Christ-centred teaching. Sometimes on a Wednesday morning, I just stand at the back of the room and take it all in. 

Women from five generations and every walk of life. Some grandmothers, some brand new mothers, some who run companies and some who run their households—and yet on that one morning of the week it feels as though all our labels, ages and titles are put to the side and we simply sit at tables, coffees in one hand and often babies in the other, and we laugh, learn and worship together. It’s beautiful. Often as I stand at the back of the room and watch women praying for one another I am moved to tears. 

I know that every woman is looking for a place to belong. And I know that in a church the size of CLA it is so easy to be surrounded and yet feel lonely. So, when we begin to prepare for a new season in women’s ministry, we pray that every woman who walks through the door on a Wednesday morning or on a Friday evening at “HER Night Out”, will feel just that, like they belong. 

Our winter sessions of “Mornings with Her” begins this coming Wednesday at 9:15 AM in the Conference Hall and we warmly invite you to join us! This session, we are offering four fantastic classes so that no matter what season of life you may find yourself in, you will find a class that is perfect for you. Whether you are longing for a deep Bible study, a class where you can cook and learn about Biblical hospitality, a course that teaches you how to use your God-given gifts to lead with excellence in your sphere of influence, or a class that will help you to understand how to trust God through difficult seasons—we have a class where we believe you will feel challenged and grow deeper in your walk with Jesus each week. 

We are also thrilled that during our time on Wednesdays, we are able to partner with CLA Kids Ministry to provide a free Bible-based discipleship program for your kids ages 2-4! Free childcare for infants and babies is also available. 

I want to encourage you to be a part of this very special morning. We can’t wait to see you on Wednesday! 

–Debbie Tonn Women’s Pastor 

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