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We are living in unique and challenging times. With the announcement this week of the WHO (World Health Organization) that the COVID-19 virus was a pandemic (meaning the likelihood of anyone in the world potentially being exposed and infected was possible) the ramifications were immediate and high. I wanted to let you know that the MLT (Ministry Leadership Team, a group of 10 pastors who help me guide the staff, resources and ministry at CLA) meet every Wednesday for a couple hours. COVID-19 has been on our agenda for a couple weeks. We have a 3-phase plan. This was discussed in an article that Langley Advance/Times did on CLA this week. I wanted to outline those for you.

  1. Diligence – our current situation. The goal is awareness. At this time we desire to be more conscious of our space and current conditions. A letter was sent to our staff as well as to our custodial team reminding them to increase vigilance. Last Sunday morning we illustrated how to greet each other without a handshake and posters have gone up reminding people to hand wash and to stay home when sick. For our congregation, this caution is also extended to those who have compromised immunity or are elderly. Around the building we have increased hand sanitizer stations and are committed to communication updates. I will be making an announcement about this at Sunday morning’s services.
  2. Partial Shut Down – if requested, by the municipality or province, we will curtail large gatherings over a certain size. As you know we have 3 campuses and 6 congregations in Langley who all gather weekly. Depending on the request, our gatherings will be examined but our largest gathering which is Sunday would likely be the first to be suspended. We are well positioned for this as we have capabilities for live streaming, giving online, and can continue to connect with each other through our Life Groups. In this event we will continue to produce a Sunday celebration service and encourage you to tune in. There will be worship, prayer and our series on Kingdom Manifesto (Sermon on the Mount) will continue. Obviously our children dedications, water baptisms, and Kids Ministry would be on hold but we could continue to celebrate communion in this context.
  3. Full Shut Down – this would be the next step, shutting down all gatherings, including the daycare & preschool, and perhaps our staff would work from home. 

During these days we encourage you to pray. The global Body of Christ is praying for a turn around. We pray that what Canada experiences is protection and divine assistance. We pray that the Church continues to shine as the hope of the world. In times of fear, our witness of love and faith will be key.

For me, communication with you is key. Please make sure that your information in our data system is correct. Go to our website,, click on Church Center, go to your profile and make sure our info is correct. I will communicate via email and social media.

If you did not receive an email from me on Thursday, you can watch the video message here.

Pastor Derrick

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