A Year of Salvation


A Year of Salvation – Starts Now! 

As you have heard from Pastor Derrick, CLA is giving its focus to a “Year of Salvation.” I’m thrilled. If you’re like me, though, this brings up some tensions. On one hand, I don’t feel quite ready to share my faith with some of my neighbours. Anyone else feel the same? Fears of what they may say, or think, or ask can cause me to hesitate. I can be tempted to think that I better know my Bible first, or study up on apologetics and the answers to the kind of tough questions they might have. See how this can paralyze me? Perhaps the enemy uses these kinds of concerns and distractions from beginning to love and live a life of witness right now. 

The truth is, we’ll never know enough and have all the right answers. You and I may never “be ready.” But let me tell you what I know you’re ready for: You’re ready to love people today. You’re ready to listen to a classmate. You’re ready to share your story with a co-worker. You’re ready to invite a neighbour family over for a meal. You’re ready to say “I don’t know. That’s a great question.” to a friend with a tough faith question. You’re ready to trust that the Holy Spirit will empower and guide you in the journey of living a life of intentional witness. 

You’re also ready to grow. 

While on one hand God can (and loves to) use us when we don’t feel ready, He also calls us to grow and to prepare ourselves (1 Peter 3:15) for ever-increasing influence as a missionary to wherever you live, work, play, or go to school.  

In order for us to have a great “Year of Salvation” we need to equip you and your groups to maximize your missionary potential. 

Here’s what we’re designing for you this Fall: 

  1. (to equip you) SATURATE CLA – Saturday, September 28: This is a one-day event focused on helping you gain understanding of the Gospel and how to share it practically through your lifestyle and relationships. 
  2. (to equip your groups) LIFE GROUP MISSIONAL TRAINING – October & November: This 6-week course for whole Life Groups will help groups see their potential and make plans that will change lives this Christmas!  Be sure your group joins in this helpful time of learning, growing and eating together! 

If you want to join a Life Group, come to this training too – you will be added to a group there.

It’s a year of salvation – let’s go!

- Pastor Mike Bidell

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