Boxes of Love


Boxes of Love: A word from Mandy Martens

Boxes of Love Zambia...just hearing those words brings a smile to my lips and joy to my heart. Picture with me, if you will, the children all assembled on the vast expanse of grass at the different Villages of Hope locations, eagerly anticipating the annual Boxes of Love.

For some, the excitement is that this is their very first BOL, for others they have received this box of love every year for the past 10-12 years. Once the boxes have been delivered to each child, they sit patiently waiting for the time to open their boxes.

If Uncle Steve (Nicholson) is there for the box delivery the kids are drumming on the boxes...they are raising them above their heads and finally Uncle Steve says with great excitement, “OK KIDS...OPEN YOUR BOXES!!!” Once those boxes are open all that anticipation erupts into great cheers of excitement as they see the gifts picked out just for them!!

You, CLA, have made this project happen year after year. Normally together with your families you shop for items that will mean so much to the kids' lives. School supplies, toiletries, candies, toys, clothes and special little gifts. This year because of COVID-19 and the restrictions we have in place we are asking you and your families, friends, work colleagues and whoever usually joins with you in this project to sponsor some Boxes of Love!

We as a church are still committed to sending each child at the VOH a BOL. That is 1800 boxes, and we need your help! We have been very busy this past month sourcing items to fill the boxes. We have made strategic contacts to get the best possible pricing on bulk orders. We have curated boxes for each age group, and they are looking awesome! Please join us by donating to this project, we can’t do this without you!

Below are few ways you can be a part of the Boxes of Love this year:

  • SPONSOR A BOX: $40/box, to donate go to CLACHURCH.COM/BOLZAMBIA

A $40 donation will cover the cost to fill a box with everything that they would usually get, the shipping, school supplies and special gifts for each of the teachers and staff at the Villages of Hope

  • Boxes of Love Kids Craft

Follow @clachurchkids for more information

  • Custom Labels

Keep an eye out on Instagram or our newsletter for an announcement on some custom labels we are creating for you and your loved ones to write special notes for each BOL. We are thankful for a church that has made the BOL happen year after year and that even though it will look a bit different this year the kids will still receive their much-anticipated BOXES OF LOVE!

Thank you CLA,

Mandy Martens
Cityserve Coordinator

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