Boxes of Love Zambia


For 20 years CLA has been in partnership with the Villages of Hope and with the Regional Directors, Serge & Nancy Bersaglio. We have seen the impact Villages of Hope has had over the years caring for over 4,000 children in the 9 villages in 6 countries by providing homes, as well as feeding programs education, health education, and so on. 

Over the years we have stayed in close relationship with VOH through our amazing ‘Boxes of Love’ project, giving you a chance to pack a box for a child. When a child receives a box, they are reminded that they are loved. They are reminded of God’s love through you and that they are not forgotten. 

Today I am introducing you to 3 young men who came to VOH as boys. Know that because of your ongoing support they lived in a house you built, went to school in a classroom you funded, and worshiped in a church built with your help. Praise God for the opportunity to be a part of these young peoples’ lives and see who will grow up and become teachers, preachers, government workers, people who will be the light of Jesus to Zambia. Amen!

On your way out today, please pick up any box from the displays around the church, for a child in Zambia, fill it, and return to the church on Sunday, November 3. We will be filling a container with the returned boxes, along with clothing, medical supplies and school supplies. The cost of this is over $21,000. 

We also welcome you to attend the Evening of Hope dinner fundraiser on October 26 at 6:30 PM to hear more stories and testimony from the Villages of Hope. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at

To God be the glory

.–Steve Nicholson Missions Director

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