A few months ago, our membership approved moving forward with an affordable rental housing initiative on our Langley campus. Today I want to give you an update.

One of our first steps moving forward was to shift the governance and management of the new facility from Christian Life Assembly to the CLA Housing Society; a newly established non-profit society. The Board of Directors of the new society is comprised of the same individuals who currently serve on CLA’s Board, Peter Fassbender has been asked by the Board to serve as President. Vicki Yeats, a member of our church, has also volunteered to be the chair of a sub-committee that will be working on various initiatives as the project moves forward. Ian Martens remains the chair of our Building Committee.

Over the next few months the CLA Housing Society will begin undertaking two initiatives. The first will be the operational piece. This includes engaging various professional consultants and project management teams who will be conducting the necessary site studies, authoring the associated reports, and generating the design and more detailed renderings. Concurrently, a series of meetings with community stakeholders will be taking place to help everyone in the broader community have a firm understanding as to what this new development will entail, and to ensure it is received by the community as the positive initiative it is – one designed to provide much needed affordable rental housing for seniors and families.

It is important that the project is not confused with some of the other social housing developments in the community. In order to help everyone (both CLA members and the broader community) remain up-to-date on developments and share in the journey, a new, interactive platform has been designed by our public affairs consultants to ensure the process remains transparent and accessible for all those who are interested. The following is the link for this site: I encourage you to check it out.

In-early fall, after the community stakeholder meetings have concluded, the CLA Housing Society will also be hosting an open-house and a moderated community forum. At the open house people will be able to attend, view renderings, meet members of the team, ask questions and get additional information. This meeting will be in the Newsletter and I encourage you to come. At some point thereafter, a moderated community forum will be held whereby people can come and ask any questions they may have before the project moves to the Township Public Hearing process.

With respect to the public hearing, we are optimistic – thanks to the tremendous support we are receiving from the Township of Langley – that we will be on the agenda as soon as we are ready.

I want to encourage you to continue to pray for this project. We will be doing that at the May monthly Churchwide Prayer meeting on the last Sunday of the month. It would be great to get the green light from the Township so we can move forward on this in 2020.

- Derrick Hamre, Lead Pastor

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