Develop The Leader In You


“What’s happened to you, Stuart? Where did you learn how to lead like this?” Stuart’s supervisor probed after watching him lead in new and better ways. Stuart reported, “I learned it at my church.”

 Stuart works for the City of Edmonton. Although he had taken many seminars offered through the City, it wasn’t until he enrolled in our church’s leadership development training course that Stuart really learned how to lead better. As Leadership Development Pastor in Stuart’s church, I was absolutely thrilled to watch the City of Edmonton soon thereafter promote him to team leader of his department.

 For the first time at CLA, in the Fall we offered our leadership development course, “Develop the Leader in You.” Like Stuart, some of our learners have been sharing similar reports:

 “God is the God of ‘at the right time.’ I’d been struggling with some work-provoked issues and this course came across my path at just the right time!”

 “This was a very interesting class to take… a lot of great information to encourage and guide you to be the best you can be and to help you become a better leader.” 

 “This course isn’t just for those in a church-related ministry, and it reminded me that leadership isn’t for a special few, but we all lead someone, somewhere, somehow.”

Have you, like Stuart, plateaued in your life and leadership? And, like Stuart, are you ready to learn how to lead better than ever? Are you ready to lead yourself to become a better leader? Is it time for you to seize God’s preferred future for your life, work and/or ministry? If God is calling you to “Develop The Leader In You,” then read more about this course and sign up today at:

 I hope to see you there.

 - Rob Bedard, Associate Pastor, Serve

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