Family Sunday


Welcome to CLA; today is Family Sunday.  We have Family Sunday several times throughout the year to ensure that our children and youth are participating and contributing members to the life of worship at CLA.  You are being led into worship by Rev band members and CLA Kids welcomed you at the doors and helped with ushering today.

Do you remember when you were younger, looking for ways to belong and participate, grateful for the opportunities you were given to perform, serve and learn?  I do.  I had big dreams and plans.  I wanted to contribute in significant ways.  I’m grateful that the church I grew up in had places for children and youth to serve.  It formed the way I grew in relationship with God and guided the decisions I made vocationally in life and ministry.  The sacrifice those church members made for my amateur contribution changed my life.

Tomorrow is November 11th, the day we take remembering to the next level.  We choose to think beyond our small lives, our comforts, immediate needs and activities to remember that this freedom we have was defended and fought for by men and women who also had dreams and plans – and who were mostly far too young.  Remembering in this way is a discipline we practice so that it forms the way we live our lives, grateful and respectful. Their sacrifice changed our lives.  We’re given a statutory holiday to honour this sacrifice. Please take some of it, to remember with thankfulness the gift of freedom we have and the sacrifice it took to secure it.

And today is Communion Sunday, an observance given to us by Jesus to remember the sacrifice of his life on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and everlasting life with him.  This is the table of remembering, set with the elements of suffering, so that we can have life and have it to the full.  The greatest of all sacrifices created the greatest freedom, life lived in love with God.

Shouldn’t this space then, be a reflection of that freedom, where we welcome generously, worship exuberantly, so that we can sacrifice willingly?

Don’t forget; remember.

Pastor Laurel

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