Four Key Priorities


CLA is focused on four key priorities during the pandemic and government closures.

First, we will keep an online presence that will be beneficial for you and simple to use. This includes a one-hour service each Sunday with focus on Worship, Word and Prayer. Our goal in tumultuous times is to bring you something familiar and spiritual. We are also using social media for Kids Ministry, Rev Youth and Young Adults. We have posted daily devotionals and tried to keep the front page of the website up to date with important news and updates. This week we start something new—a live and interactive hour, with me, at 7 PM Wednesday. You can join in, ask me a question, we’ll be talking about what spiritual lessons we are learning during the pandemic. 

The second focus is care. Last week I asked for volunteers to phone our church families to check in and pray. I was delighted to have 50 people volunteer. We are busy calling each family. The third priority is keeping the Langley Campus open as our Daycare has been deemed an essential service. The fourth priority is outreach—we are praying that people turn towards Jesus during these days of fear. We are working hard in all these areas.

Let me share about two programs we’ve launched this week to illustrate our practical love and care—BC Food Boxes of Love and CLA Benevolence.

Mandy Martens and CityServe (our local missions arm of CLA) are giving weekly Boxes of Love to Langley via five schools we have relationship with. Mandy oversees this list. We’ve estimated about 150 families receive $25 gift cards each week for a maximum of 8 weeks. This is a $30,000 missions item and I’m happy to report that we have received a $15,000 donation to help us! These families will come to CLA each week to receive their “hampers”. If there are people who need help outside of CLA, we will help them through this simple program.
We also want to help those families at CLA who are waiting for EI or finding job loss putting pressure on them. Scripture says, "So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith" (Galatians 6:10). We want to be available to care for our brothers and sisters in difficult finances. In partnership with Pastor Bill Ashbee, we have a CLA benevolence program similar to the Boxes of Love. We will give $25 Food Gift Cards per CLA family per week for the next couple months. All the family needs to do is make us aware of their need and then come to CLA to pick up their weekly “hamper”. The Langley office is open from 9 AM - 5 PM. Our care budget is also $30,000.

It’s important for us to practice a practical faith. We must stand with each other in times of trial. Please let us know if you know of someone in need.

Pastor Derrick

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