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CLA is planting a church in 2020. 

If you were in our gatherings last weekend you will have heard that Rachael and I (Jason), along with Jeremy King (our Young Adult pastor) and his wife Brie are going to be sent by CLA to plant a church in Vancouver. As you can imagine, our emotions are mixed. Joy and excitement mixed with sadness and uncertainty. 
We have fallen in love with Vancouver. It is a beautiful city and it is a broken city.

It is a global hub for creativity, culture and trade. It is the most densely populated city in Canada and has the highest percentage of religiously unaffiliated people in North America. Compared to the suburbs of Vancouver, the city is in need of more vibrant local churches. We are taking this step to respond to needs we see and the leading we sense from God. 
We are dreaming of a Word centred, Spirit empowered, church multiplying movement in the city of Vancouver. We are dreaming about a church that becomes a launching pad for a new wave of Christian leaders, and a resource hub to fuel church growth across our nation.
CLA is our home. We love the ministries that flow from this place and we love the people we gather with even more. When we shared this idea with Pastor Derrick we were met with encouragement and vision. CLA truly is a church with a missionary heart. Always generously giving and sending. 
For those who are involved with Young Adults or Youth/Pre-teens at CLA. We want you to know that we are carefully building a transition strategy that will ensure a healthy future for these ministries. My role as Next Gen Pastor at CLA will come to an end this June but Rach and I will still be part of the CLA community until we move to Vancouver. I’ll continue to speak and serve in different ways as a volunteer and missionary of CLA. Jeremy will stay on staff all the way until June 2020, with his time split between church planting and Young Adult ministry.
You can expect to hear more from CLA over the next 6 months about how to get involved and support.
If you want to find more about the church planting journey you can visit or follow @vanchurchplant on instagram
If you want to know more please do not hesitate to call me at the church or email me at or Jeremy at

Pastor Jason Ballard

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