God is working in the “Now”


God is working in the “Now”
A word from Neil Muth

ARE YOU CRAZY?! That is what one person said to me when I told them that Wendi and I were uprooting from Alberta to move to Langley BC amid a pandemic. Then when I told him what I would be doing he looked me in the eyes (with shock written all over his face) and asked, "Why would you do this now?” “Now” is such a great word in the Bible. It means immediate. We all live in the Now… we all serve His purposes in the Now. God is working in the “Now”. So why “Now”? Simply because God has called us Now to come and be part of what He is doing and plans to do at CLA.

For the last 15 years I’ve been working as a manager in a trucking company with warehouses in Western Canada. Prior to that I was in diverse pastoral roles for 23 years.

My first 5 ½ months at CLA have been action packed. The timing of my coming has created some unique challenges but more importantly, fantastic opportunities. It’s been mixed with learning systems, building relationship with staff, understanding the financial processes and statements, working with our outsourced financial team, budgeting, being part of the Ministry Leadership Team, participating in various meetings and then learning some more. There isn’t a day that I don’t look forward to coming in and working along side the Pastors, staff and Board.

Creating policies and procedures so that CLA can open amid COVID, and safely stay open, has taken on a life of its own. It’s a constant work in process. We invested in a sanitization machine and created new protocol priorities for the Hospitality team. I am so grateful that CLA has not turned and run during these times, but has instead relied on the Spirit’s leading, taking the opportunities given and pressing on and through for Jesus’ name.

My wife Wendi moved here the end of September. She has been a great governor in my life ensuring I don’t stay later at work than I should and that I eat better. While she has been looking for work, she joined Mornings with HER, helped with Boxes of Love and helped prepare some of the meals City Serve provides for students. She too sees that CLA isn’t waiting for COVID to end but presses on into the NOW.

Wendi and I also attended the Discovery class for 4 weeks. If you haven’t attended I strongly encourage you to do so. It was such a positive experience for us that we hope to attend another.

I want to introduce you to a new ministry initiative that Bob Andrews and Glenn de la Rambelje have been working on – a CLA business directory. They’ve given careful thought and study on its structure, purpose and boundaries. They’re now at the stage of seeing how many business owners, who are members or regular attenders of any of the three campuses, would be interested in having their business in the directory. If you are interested please send an email to here. A short questionnaire will be sent to you.

Thank you for letting me be part of moving forward with you in Jesus and for Jesus.

Neil Muth
CLA Church Manager

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