God’s Transformation to BC


God’s Transformation to BC

A word from Pastor Derrick

We are at the halfway point of our Global Awareness days at CLA. Have you enjoyed the interviews? Have you been able to contribute towards our financial goals? I hope you received and opened my update sent to you on Wednesday. Last week I received many emails and texts thrilled with the role CLA played in the Jerusalem story. Many did not know about the million dollars or the King of Kings pavilion. It is one of the most important sites in Israel. On the top floor of that building there is a prayer tower that operates 24 hours a day. People from all over the world travel to Jerusalem to pray. Walking around the prayer center, looking out on the city of Jerusalem, one can’t help but feel that they are in the middle of God’s activities.

CLA is in the middle of another project of similar magnitude. A couple years ago we commissioned Kevin & Dawn Bralovich from our midst to go to Nova Scotia to open a new Christian recovery center. They went and we have been gathering funds, loaning them some money and helping them facilitate the purchase of a property. The new facility and ministry is called The Helm. Currently we have sent about $750,000 and a site has been secured. Recently the society was granted charity status and will now be able to receive and receipt their own donations. This is monumental. Together we are working to bring God’s transformation to BC, Canada and our world. This Sunday you will hear more about CLA’s partnership with French Canada. We could never accomplish these things without your partnership.

Not all of our projects are mega projects like Jerusalem or Nova Scotia. CLA receives requests from other partners and special needs which we try to respond to through your General Missions giving. Recently I received an email from Dawson City, Yukon. The tiny church needed a boiler. Can you imagine losing your heat when it’s -40? I also received an emergency update on the coup that took place in Myanmar (formerly Burma) with a request to help our workers there. We were able to help move a global worker to a safer location. In the fall CLA helped local pastors in both Bangladesh and Thailand affected by massive financial upheaval due to Covid 19. We also supplied Christmas hampers to local families through the school district. Mandy Martens and City Serve continue to work in schools, a local food bank and special meal prep with those who are food insecure (the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food). Last week, in the Word from the Pastor, Mark Colwell shared about the work City Serve is doing through our Maple Ridge Campus. CLA shows it’s compassion and kindness in so many practical ways of support in our city and region.

One of the reasons I want to encourage you to sign up for our new Monthly Missions communique. It is used to update you on things that we don’t have time to say on a Sunday. Together we are bringing transformation to lives, city, nation and world. As you go into your sphere of influence to be Christ’s ambassador, I want you to know you are not alone. We are accomplishing a lot together.

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