A word from Pastor Doug

Covid is not a threat to the church nor towards the Kingdom of God. Jesus used parables because when reframed in a story we tend to listen. Jesus would use word pictures like wind, vines, growing seed, a sower, a lamp under a bush, a mustard seed, a net full of fish and even yeast which works its way through the dough. With each step and pivot this past year (I am not saying covid has not brought challenges and inconveniences because it has) I’ve asked the Spirit to constantly remind me of Jesus’ words regarding the church. I have found in the parables and in Jesus’ words - HOPE. Hope is not a feeling but a discipline of reminding ourselves about the Kingdom picture of what Jesus said and will accomplish.

The other words that ring through my ears almost daily have been Matthew 16:18 “I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it”. Hades. Hell. I have family and friends that have suffered through the virus and I do not make light of that. When it comes to a threat to the church, I believe what Jesus said. He is Truth, and every word that He spoke and continues to teach us is truth. The kingdom grows and moves. People are coming into the kingdom around the world daily whether we see it or not. Be encouraged CLA because we are blessed and grateful to God that He uses this faith community to see His kingdom grow.

This past week I had the honour of being part of an Easter story interview with Larry Stevenson. It was emotional hearing how God’s kingdom is growing through Larry and a team from our Maple Ridge Campus as they are reaching out to a recovery community during the pandemic.

You do not want to miss this powerful interview Easter Sunday. Join us CLA, for the Easter Sunday and Good Friday drive-in services (also available online). During Holy Week we will also be live streaming a half hour worship and word from 7-7:30pm then Zoom prayer from 7:30-8pm. Register for the church wide zoom prayer and the drive-in services at here.

We love you CLA.

Pastor Doug

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