How is God Beautiful & Mighty to You?


“I will sing to the LORD with my whole being; I will sing to my God continually,” Psalms 104:33.

This past Monday I got together with some of our Sunday morning worship leaders and musicians to talk, pray and worship together. We had an awesome time of reflection, challenge and encouraging one another. Before we sang, we began our worship by answering the question, “How is God beautiful and mighty to you?” We took a moment to ponder and then shared our answers. The stories were so honest and real. 

As we know, worship is so much more than the songs we sing on a Sunday—it’s our whole being that offers up worship unto the Lord. However, worship through song is vital to our walk with the Lord. This can come in many forms and you don’t have to be musical to engage in worship through song. The reason is this: worship is about HIM and not about us! Worship is an opportunity for us to fix our attention and affection on the Triune God: Father, Son and Spirit. As we do this, we become aware of His magnificent presence and the atmosphere changes. Why? Because our focus shifts to the One who brings peace, freedom, order, wisdom… in other words, we take the focus off our problems, and place it on the One who is the solution. I want to encourage you to fill your life with worship—yes, songs of worship! Be it singing a song at home as you prepare breakfast with the kids, blasting praise and worship in your car as you drive to work; fill your heart and your life with worship. 

I remember as a child the deep impact my parents had on my life through worship. There was always worship music playing in our home. My mom would play cheesy 90’s video tapes of kids singing scripture and grandpa would occasionally bring out his accordion. I LOVED it. From a young age I was learning the posture of worship and I didn’t even know it. Parents, let your children see you engage in worship—at home and in church. Bring them to Family Sundays, let it be loud and messy and wonderful. Let the posture of your heart and the atmosphere of your home be one of praise and adoration. It’s not a fix-all solution. That’s not why we do it. We do it because He is mighty, beautiful, and worthy.

Not sure what to listen to? I’m excited to let you know that in the coming weeks our worship ministry will be curating a number of worship playlists through Spotify that you can listen to. Stay tuned! 

–Laura Bidell Worship Pastor 

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