Integrity Of Heart


Integrity Of Heart

A word from Pastor Rob

Arlene Trauter has brought pastoral leadership to CLA’s seniors since January 2002 by caring for the highly esteemed and deeply respected elders in our midst – those who have sacrificially and steadfastly gone before us in CLA. I cannot overemphasize how important Arlene’s ministry is to the seniors in CLA and our greater community.

I have the distinct privilege of supporting Arlene, CLA’s Seniors’ Ministry Director, as her supervisor. In April 2020, when Pastor Mike Bidell went on Sabbatical, Pastor Derrick asked me to supervise Arlene. I was delighted to do so. In the early weeks of the pandemic, it didn’t take long for me to recognize Arlene’s fearlessness to tackle new challenges, pivot toward new and innovative ways to minister, and dream up new ways of leading our seniors. I was deeply impressed with Arlene because of her genuine love for our seniors and her courageous spirit in leading them. Arlene has led, and continues to lead, like David, the shepherd-king, did: “David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them” (Ps 78:72). Among the many integral and skillful shepherds and shepherdesses serving as pastors in CLA, Arlene is simply one of our best!

You may not know all of what Arlene has done in ministering to our seniors, especially before this pandemic. Here are some of the many things Arlene does to minister to our seniors:

  • Thrive Bible Study (weekly)
  • Friendly Friday (monthly)
  • Widows’ support group (weekly)
  • Widows’ evening gathering (monthly)
  • Sunday Night Fellowship - hymns, testimonies & prayer (monthly)
  • Two-day Thrive Retreat (annual)
  • Christmas Banquet (annual)
  • Carols by Candlelight (annual)
  • Passover Seder Supper (annual)
  • Langley senior residence outreaches (periodic)

Besides being a deeply loving and caring pastor, Arlene is also a passionate and skilled worship leader, vocalist and musician. If you attend to one of the Thrive Bible Studies, Friendly Fridays, or Sunday Night Fellowship events, you will find Arlene serving both vocally and musically, usually while accompanied by others.

Although I am too young to actually attend Thrive events, Arlene still invites me to preach at the Thrive Bible Studies. This week I launch a preaching series on “Jonah, the Reluctant Man on Mission.”

Are you recently retired? Are you thriving in retirement? Are you still passionate for God and desire to serve Him all of your days? Then join Thrive. Thrive keeps you young. For more information, visit:

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