It's A Big Life!


As early as March 15th, the CLA Kids team started to dream and piece together ideas that could match the life-changing experience of attending Explorers Summer Camp in person. We were hopeful that if the kids couldn’t come to us, we could still go to them!

Thousands of muscle, brain, and heart hours went into every single detail. 30 CLA Staff Members and about 100 volunteers, made It’s A Big Life Camp a reality! It was a BIG call—all hands were on deck and teamwork made the dream work! We created 500 bug hotels, 500 craft, snack and nature bags and work booklets. We added a hat, a water bottle and some important bug related things to complete camp in a box. But it wasn’t finished until we focused on the Gospel, the message of Jesus for the content presented through video segments, realized by the fabulous talent of our own CLA Communications team. Because of the passion and brilliance of each participant, and the creativity of the Holy Spirit working through all of us, a truly unique experience is ready for the children of CLA, in all our campuses. I am proud of every single person who made this possible.

If that wasn’t fabulous enough, we are beyond thrilled because It’s a BIG Life, camp in a box is being extended out beyond our regular summer reach. We have an opportunity to do something special for the boys and girls of Langley, Surrey and Aldergrove communities through Pastor Carl’s Summer Sidewalk Kids Klub. He writes:

“It's been a difficult year for kids as COVID-19 has caused trouble and chaos for everyone. To have an opportunity to have some fun and take their eyes off these problems and focus them on Jesus is going to make a difference.

Sidewalk Kids Klub draws children to an outdoor neighbourhood location so that they can hear the truth of Jesus and his unconditional love for them from friendly people who love Jesus. It’s a fun and engaging program that reaches into neighbourhoods every summer with the powerful message of the Gospel. This year, Pastor Jenni is giving us the opportunity to further our outreach by giving over 100 children camp in a box. We appreciate your prayers for all these kids and the volunteers that make this ministry possible every summer.”

So, pray with me, pray fervently, that children and families will be radically changed as Jesus gathers them together in their backyards all through our communities. That even in the midst of COVID-19, His message can’t be stopped.

Pastors Jenni, Laurel, Allie, Rachel

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