On Tuesday morning at 2 am, my mother-in-law passed into the Presence of our LORD. As mentioned last week, she was not ill and in fact living a very good independent life despite her age of 94. Sara-Lee and her brother were with mom when she died. To be at someone’s side when their Christian walk takes them from a life of sanctification to instantaneous glorification is an honour. Anyone who walks “through the valley of the shadow of death” understands the complexities. There is a mix of emotions. Grief is mitigated by faith in Christ. Sadness is comforted by hope. For us, the Family of God has been so kind, prayerful and helpful. Thank you CLA! As I’ve pondered my mother-in-law’s life and legacy I am amazed at God’s grace and the blessing of His Spirit. God truly enriches our lives through forgiveness, calling and mission. When we listen to Him, He helps us focus on the right things, which at death, really matter. I don’t think we should be afraid of death but I think we should be mindful of it. We must live every day in light of eternity. We get one shot at this dispensation called earthly life. Best not to squander it. Here is a thought…

Imagine. “Stepping on shore & finding it’s heaven. Of taking a hand & finding it’s God’s. Of breathing new air & finding it’s celestial. Of feeling invigorated & finding it’s immortality. Of passing from storm and tempest to an unbroken calm. Of waking up & finding it home.”

Saturday I will take the memorial service in Kelowna and therefore be away on Sunday. However, I will live steam the service and enjoy our worship, guests, and WORD. Because of online giving, I will be able to participate in that form of worship as well. What a world we live in!

In just over a week, 22 people from CLA will head to Israel for a Holy Land tour and to attend the Jerusalem Encounter Conference at King of Kings Assembly. For so many of us, this is the first visit to the Holy Land and is a life long desire. The Church of Jesus Christ came out of an Old Testament context and geography, rooted in the stories and history of the Jewish people. There is much to appreciate and learn. I don’t believe in replacement theology as much as succession theology. Christianity has not replaced Judaism as much as fulfilled it. Therefore, this opportunity will take us back to our roots, show us how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament expectations and launched a new mission – The Church of Jesus Christ. If you were unable to join us for this tour, we hope to do it again in a few years. As mentioned earlier, life is a gift and I encourage you to live it to its fullest. None of us know when the last grain of sand shall drop from our hour glass and then eternity. God bless you today!

–Derrick Hamre Lead Pastor

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