The first of our summer Sunday morning gatherings Pastor Derrick used a word that I believe is significant for CLA to embrace. That word was - linger. The definition of the word means to remain or stay on in a place longer than usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave. Beautiful. For when we move out of our normal rushed church routine and stay for worship and prayer or to pray for and with someone else; to linger, I know this is when personal revival takes place. The distractions are moved aside and within the community of CLA we pause and pray for God to move in our lives. Revival is a dominant theme in the scriptures from the Old to the New Testament. The entire Bible in fact is a cycle of renewal and revival of moving forward, disobedience, stepping back, intervention, stepping forward, then God visiting his people with renewal and revival. 

Biblical history is also very clear that ‘drift’ can also be part of the DNA of God’s people. If we are not intentional it is easy to drift into selfishness. The Hebrew word for revival simply means ‘to bring back to life’ or to be as I call it ‘vived’. Revival brings a tangible sense that although God is always present with his people, sometimes he is present beyond all doubt, filling believers with courage to tackle any challenge. Revival is something a church cannot manufacture, yet my conviction is that we can experience personal renewal and revival whenever we want too. The portrait in Galatians 5:16, that calls us to walk in the Spirit, can be such that when one repents of sin and cries out to God to come under the control of the Holy Spirit – they can walk in revival. Please, CLA know that we love you. Our prayer this summer is that when you linger, dwell, wait, pause and invite the Holy Spirit to come, that together as a faith community we will push away slippage into any spiritual comatose state. Psalm 80:18 says, “Give us life”! Make this your prayer - please don’t rush … linger.

We need each other, and so please mark this on your phones, that next Sunday July 28th after you linger with God – we will be giving you opportunity to be with one another because it is FOOD TRUCK Sunday! Bring some money for your food because it’s going to be an awesome time. Perogies, sausage, butter chicken. Food is spiritual so extend revival that Sunday into the parking lot! 

With respect,  - Doug Frederick, Associate Pastor, Gather

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