Local Missions in Maple Ridge


Local Missions in Maple Ridge
A Word from Pastor Mark Colwell

February represents such a rich tradition of celebrating all that is happening through the ministries of the Global Workers CLA supports. It is thrilling to hear that God is moving in authentic and powerful ways in their lives and ministries in spite of circumstance. It's also a great month to celebrate what is happening locally as God is moving profoundly around us as well.

Covid has pushed the church to be creative, challenged us to be the church in very practical ways. During the early days of Covid we launched an experiment at the Maple Ridge Campus. We invited several people into a journey of what can be described as a Leadership Discipleship Course. Over the course of 50 days these students (aged 19-60) studied scriptures, learned leadership principles and built a strategic ministry plan. To our surprise over the course of the summer and fall several new ministry initiatives were born that directly enhanced our capacity to impact community and to encourage our campus. One of the initiatives born was City Serve Maple Ridge. City Serve has long been an anchor of care in Langley and from our campus we were hoping and praying that people would rise with a heart to serve and bless others and that prayer has been answered.

City Serve Maple Ridge is the label we have assigned to any community based mission initiative. One aspect that functions weekly is a food distribution program facilitated by John and Corina Ardelean. This ministry initiative now includes a growing team of volunteers that weekly supply food to anywhere from 15-25 families. Having secured partnerships with some local grocery stores, they package and deliver the needed food to others. Yet City Serve is also moving others.

Another result of our leadership discipleship course was the birth a local mission committee. Facilitated by Thomas Spiridigliozzi, their purpose is to help build moments that move our church community towards more impactful community service. The movement has already started. In September a force of 60 plus volunteers joined to together in bright blue shirts for our first annual Serve Day in Maple Ridge. Several projects designed to bless our community were completed. At present that team is facilitating a Valentines blessing program to a large Acute Care Home in the city and to our seniors as well as they patiently wait out the pandemic. There are more things planned on the immediate horizon, their hope is to help transform the culture of the campus that takes seriously the role of being on mission for Jesus.

Another couple, Neville and Damali Adomi, have birthed a new Life Group called BOOM (Business Owners on Mission). Their stated mission is to build a community of like-minded believers that grow together and on mission facilitate creative ideas to bless other small business owners in our city. Their first venture was the creation of an online Craft Fair. Through these moments they are building relational bridges revealing the generosity of the Kingdom. They are building a community of faith that exists for mission.

We believe there are more stories to tell in the days to come. Maybe one of them is yours! Know that you are on mission right now, where you live and work is a daily opportunity to reveal Jesus in serving right where God has you!

One last family detail from Ridge! Thomas Spiridigliozzi has taken a part-time pastoral role at the campus. We are excited to welcome him as he leads the charge towards community mission and Life Groups. Thomas is still doing his Global work with leadership development in Italy. His passion to mobilize the church both locally and globally is real and he will have the flexibility and ability to do both well.

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