Missions 2020


One of the great joys of being involved in Missions these past twenty years is the ongoing relationships we have with our missionaries. This Missions Month so far has featured missionaries who have come out of our own congregation. What is special about CLA Missions is how the LORD has called many of our own people to leave their country and extended family to go to a mission field that is sometimes on the other side of the globe. Some of these missionaries include Andrew & Julie Hawkes and Christo & Sarah Emmanuel, whom you heard from the last two weeks. 

Each year, short term missions teams are sent out from CLA to Guatemala, Villages of Hope, Italy, the Arctic, Eastern Europe, and Cuba, making the relationships stronger and deeper between our partners and our church. The missionaries are encouraged and fuelled to keep going. Visiting our global workers also encourages us, and at the same time, gives us insight into their relative needs both personally and with their projects.  This helps us to be more strategic with our giving, making it more effective. 

Fatuma, one of the orphans who grew up in the Village of Hope in Kitwe, Zambia came and stayed at our home here in Langley. She is now married to a pastor, has three children, and is a teacher in her local community. Fatuma said to me “Uncle Steve, you never left us… you always came back.” This really touched me. The value of CLA’s relationship has been so important. We are endeavouring to keep focussed on who the LORD has given us, being faithful to our partners through your generous giving, and sustaining the missionaries and projects we are committed to. I am so thankful for the generosity of CLA. Knowing we are faithful, and that they are not forgotten, is a huge blessing to them.

This week our guest speaker is Zach Wylie, one of our global workers from Thailand. Zach was trained and mentored by Pastor Derrick at Summit Pacific College. Last year, a team that included Pastor Derrick, Sarah Lee and me, visited the work in Bangkok under the Wylie’s. They oversee the ministry “Imagine Thailand” which was birthed by Peter Dove, who grew up in CLA. Isn’t that so cool!

I am reminded of the Apostle Paul who revisited the church plants and encouraged the believers there. I believe this is a significant role in the growth of the church spreading the gospel to the nations. My challenge to you: ask the LORD, “who can I be an encouragement to and what will that look like?”. Maybe it’s an email, a commitment to pray for a specific partner, or giving financially. Today, our new 2020 Vision Prayer Cards are available at Guest Services. Consider picking one up—in praying for our missionaries you will deepen your relationship with our global workers and partners.   

To date we have raised $100,200 towards our February Missions goal! Thank you!    

To God Be the Glory! 

–Steve Nicholson Missions Director 

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