Next Steps?


Next Steps?

Perhaps you were with us on Easter weekend and have returned to check out CLA. Last weekend over 6,000 came through our building from Friday to Sunday. It was an amazing celebration of Good Friday and Easter but there is so much more than simply one weekend a year. We would love the chance to share more with you. Here is how you can take some next steps.

  1. Welcome to Church Party – Sunday after the second service we invite you to join us for food and introductions. You can sign up at Guest Services or simply come at 12:30 to the café. This is really step one of connecting to all things CLA. At the party you will hear from myself and some of the other leaders about the ways you can best connect with Christian Life Assembly. Connecting to a large family can be daunting. We want to help bring down the walls and the sense of intimidation. I encourage you to take the risk, come be a part and you will meet someone new, get a sense of your own next steps and God might surprise you.
  1. Discovery Class – For most people the first step into CLA is a 4-week Discovery course on Sunday mornings. In May, we are running Discovery during the 11 am service in the East Chapel. You could attend the first service and then take the class in the second or simply come for the class for one month. There are three goals: to meet someone new, to meet some of the pastors, and to learn something about the mission and values of CLA. You will come away from this course with a clear picture of what CLA is all about and how you might want to be involved. We also hope you would find friendship and a sense of compatibility to the calling of God for us. This is where membership is introduced as an idea and where steps towards spiritual growth are clearly defined. Through the spiritual gifts inventory, you will also learn something about yourself. Discovery is great for newcomers but it’s also important for others who have never been through the experience. It all starts next week.
  1. Spirit Filled Life Course – Now that Easter is over, Pastor Mike is going to be running another course that we encourage each person at CLA to take. The course will equip you to grow in hearing God’s voice and in ministering the miraculous power, love, and message of Jesus. It’s a practical course about walking in the Spirit and practicing His Presence. It will encourage you to take steps of faith and to be open to being used by God in the everyday activities of life. This course will also start next Sunday, May 5 and run till June 16 during the first service (9 – 10:30 am in the East Chapel).  
  2. Kids Ministry – If you have children and were visiting for our Easter Blast we want to introduce our weekly Kids Ministry to you. This is part of our Sunday morning expression. If you go to the Treehouse in the North foyer, staff and volunteers will help explain our ministry targeted to age appropriate stages of life. Children are a priority for us, whether in nursery, pre-school or elementary age. Each of them deserve love and help in discovering their own spiritual journey.

- Derrick Hamre, Lead Pastor

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