Rev Camp is not happening..But Notcamp is!


In the chaos, noise, and constant re-adjustment around this COVID-19 season, we have sensed the general fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety of our community. It’s been a tough few months for us, and it's come at a cost. We've lost many privileges, including the privilege to meet in person, to travel, and to visit family/friends. This is why I am grateful for the ability to gather in person under the “50-Person Limit” that was announced with the launch of Phase #2 in our Province.

And although the permission to gather in groups of 50 or less comes with a plethora of rules, guidelines, and restrictions (to keep us all safe), this—we’ve concluded—is better than nothing. Sure everyone has to sign-up/pre-register, sure everyone has to check-in, sure we have to hand sanitize, sure we have to meet in different rooms, sure we can’t hug/high-five, and do our absolute best to keep our distance and protect each other, but this is also SURE better than meeting on “Zoom.”

So what’s the plan for Next Gen Ministries at CLA?

While we continue to remain flexible, we want our youth, young adults, and families to know that we will continue to go after the value of creating space—space for young people to encounter God, and space for life-long, meaningful friendships.

Rev (Youth) will continue to meet every Tuesday until August 4 and resume on September 8 (Fall Launch). However, it will rotate each Tuesday between High School gatherings and Middle School gatherings. Due to the reality of our buildings, we are able to meet in the Conference Hall and East Hall (each with a 50-Person Limit) every week. However, once we account for staff, volunteers, and youth leaders, the number of students we are able to facilitate in each space goes down to 35. As a result, we will split the grades accordingly:

  • Tuesday #1: Students going into Grades 9 & 10 (East Hall); Students going into Grades 11 & 12 (Conference Hall)
  • Tuesday #2: Students going into Grades 7 (East Hall); Students going into Grades 6 & 8 (Conference Hall)

And Repeat. Sign-up available at

Our Young Adults will begin to meet bi-weekly on Thursday nights starting August 6. There will be 40 spots available in each room (Conference Hall & East Hall), equaling 80 young adults total + staff/volunteers. Sign up available at

In addition to weekly gatherings, we are EXCITED to announce Notcamp for our Middle School and High School students!

One of the other tragedies of this Summer has been the cancellation of Rev Camp (our Annual Youth Summer Camp). Rev Camp is an iconic two weeks. It's not just a week spent with friends, playing a few games, and eating some good food; its REV CAMP - "The Best Week of the Year." And this year, Camp is not happening... But Notcamp is.

We're convinced that Notcamp is the 2nd best option to Rev Camp, and we’re going to make sure it is the best 3 nights of your Summer.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday PM of August 10 - 12 (Middle School) / August 17-19 (High School) from 6–9:30 PM we are going to gather students for three nights of amazing worship, dinner, and social hangouts. For more info on this event, as well as the opportunity to register/apply for sponsorships, visit (directing you to our Notcamp page)

This season has been taxing, and challenging, but we hold steadfast to the conviction that God is not intimidated by this season and has great things in store for His Church. And I want you to know, that you do not stand alone.

Pastor Peter Yoon

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