Our Calling As the Church


Hello CLA Family,

Last week the CLA Kids Team launched a new series called Super Siblings, highlighting siblings in the Bible who did great things for God, together. God placed Moses, Miriam and Aaron in the same family with purpose, and so many others – James and John, Peter and Andrew, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus – the list is long! It’s the same for us. God has placed us all in families with purpose. Look around the dinner table, who’s sitting with you? Your spouse, your children, maybe even your siblings, mom and dad…what is God asking YOU all to do? What is your family’s purpose--to love your neighbour, change the world? Enjoy the series, but let it spur you on…to be on mission for God together!

Even in the midst of a pandemic, family discipleship is still happening in homes across Langley, Maple Ridge, Sooke and in many other cities that are viewing our online children’s services in their homes. This includes my 75 year old mother 3000 km away, who has led her 8 year old neighbour to Jesus.

Let me remind you that 80% of those who come to faith in Jesus Christ do so between the ages of 4 and 14. 80%!!! So, the CLA Kids Team, motivated by the love we’ve found in Jesus, is committed to reach, rescue, root-on, and release this emerging generation into the dream God has for their lives. How are we going to do this and multiply our mission? By sharing! We’ve already started sharing our content across the nation and hope to reach all eight districts of the PAOC. We want any church no matter how big or small to have access to free content that will help them reach and disciple their community both online and in person.

But we need your help to continue to produce high quality video series and to build a website to launch it soon. Would you consider giving to the 4-14 fund at CLA for future CLA Kids series development? Every dollar matters, whether it’s $10 or $10,000, God can use it all. An investment in the 80%, is an excellent investment!

The Early Church was devoted to the apostles’ teaching, to fellowship, to prayer, and to sharing with one another. It was a generous church! What was the result? Acts chapter 2 concludes with this sentence… “And each day the Lord added to their numbers those who were being saved.” Let’s be generous in our prayers, our hospitality towards our neighbours, and our resources and watch God move! This is our calling as the Church, God’s great big family!

In His Service,

Pastor Jenni Colwell

Aka - Super Sibling of Tim and Heather
Daughter of neighbourhood evangelists Patricia and John

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