Pandemic Blessings


Pandemic Blessings

A word from Pastor Derrick

This week our CLA Board met for our three-hour February meeting that began with a half hour of prayer for our church. Many of us continue to join the corporate prayer meetings at 7 am or 7 pm each day on Zoom. We are encouraged with the current prayer movement including the focus on intercession to turn Covid 19 around. The binding of the enemy and loosing of the will of God is a passionate pursuit. As in all our lives, prayer is followed by action. The important ministry and outreach of CLA must move forward. To that end I want to reiterate CLA’s unified approach to the current pandemic crisis. This is the will of God for us.

We recognize that every church must make decisions on how they will do ministry in the pandemic. It is a complicated season. I’ve been in meetings with our MLA, Minister Dix and Dr Bonnie Henry. Each day I pray for discernment, faith and courage. There is no fear. We do NOT judge other churches or leadership teams for their approach to the pandemic or their approach to social issues. We recognize we are citizens of Canada, but we also affirm that our citizenship in heaven trumps this. We do not believe this is a right and wrong issue. It is defined for each church because of their unique calling from God. Decisions are made sensitive to our times, and context, expressed uniquely for each church and denomination. We support churches to take a stand and pray for current court cases. We resist division and talk that is disparaging toward any of our brothers and sisters. We pray, humbly take our stand, and communicate it to our people. The vast majority of our people support the position CLA has taken. To that end, I want to communicate clearly, again, our position.

CLA is open on a limited ministry basis and is working hard to follow the current health orders. We do this in obedience of those God has placed in authority and equally, to be a witness to our community. Out of respect for government and love for vulnerable people we have curtailed our rights. Jesus laid down His rights (Philippians 2) and in order to be a witness, a bridge for the Gospel, we follow His example. We make it our goal to put our neighbours first.

I am grateful for CLA’s online focus and ongoing witness through our people and ministries. The church is not a building but a people. Our people are yearning to return to corporate worship and I long for this too. In the meantime, we must be about the Father’s business. In last week’s message we were reminded that we are a missional people. We must seize opportunities to love and do good.

Our Langley offices are open Monday to Friday. Sunbeam and ESLC are operating normally (with protocols in place). Our youth (Revolution), Recovery Church, Freedom Sessions and UTurn are all meeting in person. Wedding, baby dedications, water baptism and funerals continue to occur but to a maximum of ten people. We are planning Good Friday and Easter Sunday Drive In gatherings. Bus Ministry and City Serve continue to be very active, as is our Calling and Prayer team. God is on the move. In the midst of hardships, there have also been many “pandemic blessings” for which we are grateful to God. Let us continue to move forward with unity.

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