Redemption In Our Homes


Happy Father’s Day CLA! In the midst of this season, as families continue to wade through the conditions tied to a pandemic, there have been some significant positives in the midst of challenges. Though the challenges are real I am constantly reminded in scripture of the way God redeems difficult moments, events and seasons in people’s lives. The cross of Jesus is a perfect example, what looked like an end (the life of Jesus), to those who observed was in reality the opportunity for new life. They were staring at a terrible moment that would actually be the mechanism for their salvation.

It is God’s specialty to redeem difficult moments, to shape tragedy into victory, challenge into growth, and frustration into transformation. When I think of how to redeem the days we are in, my mind is drawn in several directions but one of those is certainly family. Suddenly many families have had extra time together, people forced into smaller circles of social realities… but what if that is a gift? Is it possible—or more likely probable—that God can use this season in our lives to promote healing? It is in the heart of God to redeem the conditions we are living through. Maybe you feel somewhat squished together in this season, but consider the gifts in it and consider asking an intentional question of God: “Father, how are you moving in my home in the midst of all this and how can you move in me?”

Almost every institution is scrambling to make sense of this season. Churches, schools, businesses, government… the list is endless. They are responding in an effort to survive or even prosper through turbulent days. The family is a precious institution, created by God. It is being tested now as well. For believers the news is good! Possibly this season exposes our weaknesses, but God is interested in redemption. As we celebrate Father’s Day, that may mean many things both amazing and possibly painful. But know also that we serve a Father of grace and mercy who works to redeem our families.

There is room for redemption in our homes. I have heard recent stories of God impacting families. What would he do in yours? Again, I ask you to ask Him, “Father what would you do?”

May God bless you and every father today.

Pastor Mark Colwell

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