Saturday School


We had another milestone in our home last week. Jackson (10) for the first time reached the top shelf where the mugs are. He was thrilled. Not because he may now have new “emptying-the-mugs-from-the-dishwasher” duties, but because it was a sign of growth.

Do you remember finding ways to measure your growth when you were young? Maybe it was putting your hand into your father’s to see how your hands compared. Or maybe it was straightening your back as best as you could to see if the top of your head was any nearer to the bottom of your mom’s chin.

How do you evaluate your spiritual growth these days? What do you measure? And what can you do to make sure you’re growing spiritually?

Your spiritual growth and development are important and worth investment! When is the last time you learned or did something new in order to prompt and cultivate new spiritual fruit? In our busy world it can be hard to find time for these priorities. I want to let you know about a new opportunity to take in a great course in a one-day format.

This coming Saturday, March 7, is our first ever one-day “Saturday School” at CLA. Let me tell you about the great options available to you (many helping to equip you and I for our Year of Salvation):    

  • Apologetics – learn how to address and answer some of the difficult questions people may ask you about your faith, such as: Does God exist? Is the Bible reliable? Did Jesus really resurrect?
  • Spirit Filled Life – knowing the Holy Spirit, His voice and giftings expressed through your life in a deeper way. This course is focused on equipping all believers to step out in faith and become more powerful in love.
  • Love Works – learn proven ways to bring the light, love and life of Jesus into your work environment sensitively and effectively. Practical equipping for employers and employees!
  • Grandparents as Mentors – gain tools and add more purpose to your ‘ministry of grandparenting’. Learn more about how to understand, connect and influence your grandchildren.
  • Emotion Coaching – a course for parents to learn helpful ways to support their children’s emotional development, handle their outbursts and engage in meaningful bonds with them.
  • Discovery Course – the best way for anyone in CLA to get to know our pastors, our vision and your fit in our church.

I hope you will take in one of these courses on March 7. They each start at the same time and we’ll all break to enjoy lunch (included) together. A dynamic class for children is also being offered. To learn more and to register, visit Let’s grow!   

– Mike Bidell, Associate Pastor, Grow 

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