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It has been a journey being involved in our country of Canada in many different capacities. Our involvement in the Arctic began in 2014 with a CLA short term missions team ministering in northern Canada. Our first stop was Inuvik, population 3,500, where David and Sherry DeKwant pastor ‘Lighthouse Community Church’. In 2000, sitting in a pew at CLA, they felt called to the Arctic. They now call Inuvik their home and lead a thriving congregation. They appreciated that we had come in January, the darkest and coldest time of the year.
We also visited Tuktoyaktuk, the most northern community accessible by driving, a desolate, treeless, snow-covered landscape. Pastor Immanuel Adam had been leading a group of believers there for decades. There are only 800 residents in Tuktoyaktuk. This January, the Tuktoyaktuk leadership opened the Community Hall where we hosted a banquet for almost 200 people. Over 30 people committed their lives to the LORD that evening! It was a great breakthrough….God’s light penetrating the darkness.
On our first trip Pastor Immanuel shared his dream of having Christian radio available. A few years ago, CLA provided a radio transmitter and now they have Christian radio 24/7.
Back in Inuvik, the DeKwants are involved with the Annual Muskrat Jamboree. They organize the sale of hamburgers, sweets, and donuts to raise $30,000. The proceeds send kids and youth from the northern communities to Camp Yukon in the summer. CLA Young Adult teams have ministered and served during this celebration and at the camp.
Pastor Yale Barrett and his family oversee ‘Dawson Christian Fellowship’ in Dawson City. Their thriving youth ministry includes Friday night Christian movies for youth and children. CLA teams helped to paint their church and the parsonage. We have also provided a radio transmitter for broadcasting Christian radio. Another team will go in June to level their building affected by shifting permafrost. This is a huge encouragement to them as they are also in a remote area in the Yukon.
At home, our City Serve, is touching neighbourhoods through the distribution of BC Boxes of Love. The event in May distributes over 550 boxes to two inner city schools in Langley City. The students and the teachers have been impacted by the care and generosity over the years. This project involves volunteers from Children’s Ministry, Bus Ministry, CLA Youth, and Women’s Ministry. Through City Serve, we are also involved in breakfast and lunch feeding programs in local schools and support many community events. If you would like to be involved in this exciting outreach please contact Mandy.
We firmly believe that when we faithfully serve and sow into communities, over time strong relationships are built and significant fruit is seen. Thank you CLA for being patient and not getting tired in doing good because, “at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up”. Galatians 6:9
We love you and we love to serve our neighbourhood, community and country!
To God be the glory!!

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