Starry Starry Night


Welcome to CLA Kids Pageant Sunday! 

When the children of CLA stand before us today singing about the love of Jesus, we feel the weight of the responsibility to shepherd these young lives. We’ve taken care to mold them, teach them and cheer parents and grandparents on as they do the same. So, we count today as an opportunity to welcome children into our lives, into the church body and especially into a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ, through participation in church! We’ve been telling them that they will be ‘ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ’ today, proclaiming Jesus to all of you who gather to hear them. Pray that it gives them the courage to proclaim Jesus every other day as well.

Christmas began with a baby coming to earth, to two young parents. Christmas began with Family Ministry! Jesus grew up loved and cherished but also guided by his earthly parents and His heavenly Father. Jesus grew into His purpose to transform the world, supported by intentional care, guidance, and love. 

Family Ministry at CLA desires the same kind of intentionality as we weave together the contributions of all who influence the spiritual lives of children and their families. Every time a teacher, helper or contributor opens their heart to children by bending a knee to look them in the eye, welcoming them to church, teaching them God’s Word, leading them in worship or praying with them and for them, we are deeply grateful, because it changes the course of their lives and opens them to Jesus. You are cherished by us and by your Heavenly Father. And if you would like to join the team, we welcome you– ask us about the opportunities available.

Now, get ready, camera apps open, because you won’t want to miss a moment of Starry Starry Night, a CLA Kids presentation from the perspective of heaven through the voices of angels and stars. Angels were instrumental to guide and instruct Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds, and the star led the Shepherds and the Magi to Jesus. God’s intentionality is so evident in this – God continues to be With Us Guiding us to Jesus. We need only follow. 

Merry Christmas to you all from the CLA Family Ministries Staff: Pastor Jenni Colwell, Pastor Laurel Archer, Allie Hoad, and Breanne Newton.The city of peace. Often recognized by the temple and all it represents for the community of faith. 

–Jenni Colwell Family Life Pastor 

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