The Glossary of Grow


The Glossary of Grow
A Word from Pastor Laurel

Dear CLA Family!

Have you picked up your own personal copy of The Glossary of Grow yet? That’s right, we’ve printed enough so you can have your own copy! Why? Because this collection of devotionals invites engagement. There’s space for you to write, so you might want to keep your thoughts and prayers just between God and yourself. That…and your family members might like to read and eat at the same time…sharing can be hard! See the details in this newsletter about how to get your copy.

Once you have your copy, how best can it encourage your growth? Good question. Of course, a book never opened and never read, can’t be much help. But when you begin this book you can start reading anywhere. The entries aren’t sequential, they’re simply arranged alphabetically. So, work through them systematically or randomly. Peruse the table of contents and find a word that intrigues you or work backwards through the list if you’d like.

Here are some suggestions for engagement:

Pick it up when you have a few minutes: while waiting for a phone call or a meeting to begin - or yes, even in the bathroom! Read a highlighted verse and a ‘Plant the Seed’ section. Say a brief prayer about letting this seed grow in you today.

Work through the entries one per day for 40 days. Read all the passages of Scripture given with the entry and ‘Plant the Seed’ reflection. Take the time to consider the questions and suggestions in the ‘Keep it growing’ section. Journal your thoughts. Take one thought with you into your day and unpack the result before you go to sleep at night.

Use it as a mealtime devotional for your family, one per week. Let the different family members respond to the sections: Bible passages, ‘Plant the Seed’, the ‘Keep it Growing.’

Let it guide your Sabbaths for 40 weeks. Memorise the highlighted Scripture passage. Dig deeper into something that made you curious in the entry. Pray your way through the scripture. Live out the essence of the word you’re exploring in the coming week. Keep a ‘Grow’ journal - how is the Spirit stirring you to grow?

Work through the book with another person: your spouse, a friend, or someone you want to get to know better. Why not invite someone from a different generation to join you. Find out how you both think about these words. Use it as a way to learn to pray for each other.

Here’s the good news: God is working in all things for our good — or we could say, for our growth. Often, all we need is a nudge, or a prompt to help us to see what God is doing, hear what God is saying, so we can step out with courage and live for God’s glory.

Keep growing!
Pastor Laurel Archer
Author of The Glossary of Grow

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