​The Season of Advent


The Season of Advent

A word from Pastor Laurel Archer

Welcome to The Season of Advent CLA Family! This year has been far from perfect, but Advent is the perfect kind of season for the disappointments, sorrows, and frustrations that we’ve been feeling. Advent invites us to be honest with God about our reality and then teaches us how to wait on God. It’s the audacity of Advent to speak about miracles in dark times and to believe that even in a season full of restrictions, a miracle might happen on my street.

Advent means, ‘to come’ and its intent is to focus our hearts toward the coming of Jesus in two ways. Firstly, in review, we look back through biblical history and the promises God has made concerning the coming of Jesus to earth as our Saviour. We gather up the promises of the Old Testament and we marvel at the miracles that accompany their fulfillment.

Secondly, in anticipation, we look forward to Jesus’ Second Coming as Returning King. Encouraged by God’s faithfulness, our longing for Jesus is charged with hope for the redemption of all creation and us as daughters and sons of God. Advent is a deliberate invitation to feel that tension which exists between ‘now’ and ‘not yet’, between our discomfort and the joy that will one day be ours. This is the work endurance does in us, which we know from the Apostle Paul, “…produces character, and character produces hope, which does not disappoint, because God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit…” (Rom 5:5).

Can Advent really do all that? Yes, actually it can, but only as we attend and engage, receive and then step out onto the streets and into the lives of others with God’s love. The Season of Advent can stir courage in us and expectancy for miracles because it is not decorated with tinsel and lights but adorned with the promises of God and the activity of God with us.

In This Season

There’s a large tree
stripped for winter
branches bare and stark
against the pale sky uplifted
and more insistent
in this season of heavy rains.

Its rustling resplendent robe
has fallen and still
it seems to stand,
barely breathing,
still receiving.

Could I be as brave?
© 2020 Laurel Archer

We’re all feeling stripped down this year, exposed and vulnerable, but God is calling us to have courage and remember Jesus, who is The Miracle behind every Miracle on My Street (and yours).

Pastor Laurel Archer

PS - The Countdown Advent Calendar is a tool to help you do this - don’t forget to get yours!

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