Why Do We Need The Holy Spirit?


Happy Pentecost Sunday CLA!

For centuries, the Church has marked this Sunday as one worthy of notice and celebration for several profound reasons surrounding the work and activity of the Holy Spirit. Over the last several weeks leading up to this Sunday, the pastoral staff produced a series of daily thoughts about the person and work of the Spirit in the lives of believers and the church of Jesus Christ. Why? Jesus made a promise to send the Spirit to those who give their lives to serve Him. His intention is to equip His people and His church to live powerfully for His glory. He also intended that we would live aware of His presence. To know His help as Counsellor, Comforter, Teacher and Guide.

Fifty days after the Resurrection and ten days after Jesus ascended into heaven, the Holy Spirit invaded the room where the disciples were seeking God. Jesus instructed them to remain in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit empowered them. On Pentecost Sunday the Church broke forth from an upper room and has now invaded every corner of the planet.

As a church with a Pentecostal Distinctive, we celebrate the work and move of the Spirit. We celebrate the communion we have with God through His presence in our lives. We celebrate His empowering through Spirit baptism that enables us to witness, and we honour His consistent work leading our lives and the church. Jesus gave us eternal life by giving His life for us and He enables us to live a full life for Him through the work of the Spirit in our lives.

The Spirit of God graces the life of every believer; He speaks, He leads, He strengthens, and He empowers. This Pentecost Sunday, let me encourage you to live aware of His presence. To trust the promise of Jesus that by the Spirit you will never be forsaken. God the Holy Spirit lives in you—know Him, hear Him, and ask Him to enable you to live for God.

Pentecost Sunday enables so much. It enables every believer to know God, His presence, power and love. You can view the devotions on RightNow Media if you would like some additional encouragement about the role of the Spirit in our lives.

It is paramount that believers understand the intention of Jesus in sending the Holy Spirit, it was for our benefit! May you come to know Him better!

Pastor Mark Colwell

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